1568 The Consequences Of Presumption 1


    The Palace Lord's expression changed as he quickly rushed to Huang Ying's side. His eyes, filled with a fiery rage, then shot towards Qianbei Ye. "Young Master, Ying'er has always had your best interests at heart yet you've treated her so horribly. The Ancestral Elders are clearly blind to have chosen someone like you as the Young Master!"

    As soon as the Palace Lord had spoken, an elderly voice slowly rang out. It was filled with a powerful aura and landed heavily into everyone's hearts.

    "Who're you calling blind?"

    The voice was so familiar that the Palace Lord could not help but fall into a daze.

    Two sage-like elders stepped into the Clan Hall as he watched in astonishment.

    One of the elders was dressed in grey robes while the other wore white like an immortal. They had the bearings of immortals and based on their aura, one could immediately tell that they could not be compared to the other elders in the hall.

    Two women dressed in white robes followed closely behind the two elders. Even those who have not seen the Ancestral Elders could guess their identities simply based on the two women in white.

    "An... Ancestral Elders..."

    The Palace Lord stared at the two elders shakily and suddenly remembered what he had just said. He instantly shivered.

    Heavens, what did I just say? I had actually accused the Ancestral Elders of being blind! Of all things, the Ancestral Elders had to overhear that?

    "Huang Yun, what did you, you old baby, just say?" The grey-robed elder glared at the Palace Lord as his elderly features filled with a cold and distant air, "Did you just say that we're blind? Is that true?"

    Detecting the anger in the grey-robed elder's voice, Huang Yun gritted his teeth, "Ancestral Elders, you've only just emerged from closed-door cultivation and are not aware of the current situation. This Qianbei Ye here, he doesn't accept his title as the Young Master and wants to usurp the throne. Besides, he's even willfully gifted the Underworld to a woman! Our Underworld has expanded to such greatness, how could it be so freely given to the hands of another? Ancestral Elder, you must give us justice! Someone like him is not fit to be the Young Master of our Underworld!"

    If Huang Yun had been referring to someone else, the Ancestral Elders would believe him

    However, he was going against Qianbei Ye of all people.

    Who was Qianbei Ye? He was once the founder of the Underworld. The Underworld belongs to him in the first place. Even if he were to take the Underworld back, no one would dare speak against it.

    "Are you done talking?" The grey-robed elder sneered. His voice was filled with a vicious air as he continued, "What else is there? Tell us everything now."

    She does not know why but Huang Ying felt a little uneasy at the sight of the grey-robed elder at this point. She quickly tried to stop her father from speaking any further but before she could do anything, the Palace Lord began to blab about Qianbei Ye's misdeeds.

    "Ancestral Elder, that's not all. You had clearly agreed to allow Huang Ying to marry Qianbei Ye. I had only done according to your wishes but Qianbei Ye went against your orders. Furthermore, he's insisting on making this woman his wife."

    As he spoke, the Palace Lord lifted his head towards Gu Ruoyun as his face carried a cold smile.

    With the Ancestral Elders in the picture, this woman could forget about entering the Underworld!

    Gu Ruoyun had simply grinned the entire time in the face of the Palace Lord's accusations. It was as if she never took his words to heart.

    Just as the Palace Lord was waiting for the Ancestral Elders to grant justice, a hand landed violently upon his cheek, "B*stard! When have I ever said such a thing? It's not enough that you've slandered the Young Master, you've even had the audacity to slander me!"

    At this moment, the Ancestral Elder did not care about anything else. He anxiously walked towards Qianbei Ye and hurriedly explained, "This matter has nothing to do with me. This damned brat was slandering me. I never agreed to make you marry Huang Ying."

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