1570 The Consequences Of Presumption 3

    Qianbei Ye was the first person who had said that Huang Ying does not deserve him.

    This time, the same words had come from the Ancestral Elder's mouth instead.

    She could not help but tremble a little when the Ancestral Elder had spoken. However, she only bit her lip and did not make a sound.

    "Ancestral Elders."

    In the end, the Palace Lord gathered his courage for the sake of his daughter's happiness and interrupted, "If Ying'er isn't good enough for the Young Master, why is this woman good enough for him instead? I simply cannot understand how this could be, Ying'er is such an outstanding woman of noble rank yet the Young Master ignores her. Instead, he insists on falling for a woman who's nothing like Ying'er."


    The gray-robed elder burst into laughter as if he had heard a funny joke.

    "How about this, you've angered the Young Master so I should grant you a contented death." The Ancestral Elder laughed icily. "Do you know why I've been in closed-door cultivation all these years without emerging at all? That's because I was withering away. When you had sent someone over to ask me concerning Huang Ying's marriage, I had been unable to speak. It was Gu Ruoyun who had used a pill to lengthen my life. Otherwise, I would never have been able to stand before you now! The Underworld may have our own Pill Masters but which Pill Master is capable of refining a Longevity Pill?"

    The Palace Lord was shaken and he could only stare at the tranquil-looking Gu Ruoyun in disbelief.

    This woman is a Pill Master?

    "Even so, how does this prove that she's more outstanding than Ying'er?"

    The gray-robed elder laughed icily while his eyes glowed with an icy aura.

    "Huang Ying is at the mid-stage of the refined state and she has the right to be proud of that. It's true that only a few people have managed to reach the mid-stage of the refined state at her age! However, Gu Ruoyun has also reached the mid-stage of the refined state as well! Huang Ying certainly can't be considered as her rival so tell me this, in what aspect is Huang Ying considered to be 'outstanding'?"

    Gu Ruoyun has had another breakthrough in the Restricted Area and had reached the mid-stage of the refined state!

    Based on the Ancestral Elder's power, naturally, he would be able to point out her level at first glance.

    However, his statement was like a bolt of lightning on a clear day as it crashed through everyone's heart.

    This green-robed woman is also at the mid-stage of the refined state? Furthermore, even Huang Ying who is also at the mid-stage of the refined state could not be considered as her rival?

    Huang Ying did not say a word. Instead, her large eyes were filled with dissatisfaction.

    She simply does not believe that she was inferior to Gu Ruoyun!

    Since they were both at the mid-stage of the refined state, they should be equally matched at the most. How could she possibly not rival Gu Ruoyun?

    "But Ying'er is my daughter, the Eldest Lady of the Underworld. This woman doesn't even have any powerful backing..." The Palace Lord was still making his final justification and did not seem to notice the increasingly ugly look on both the Ancestral Elders' face.

    "Eldest Lady of the Underworld?"

    This time, the one who had spoken was the white-robed Ancestral Elder. He smiled in spite of his anger and said, "Without the Young Master, she could never have become the Eldest Lady of the Underworld. Old Hui, we can live for a few more years longer now. With both our powers in the Ninth Transformation state, we can fully protect the Young Master and Lady Ruoyun for a few more years. There's also no need for us to fear that fellow's retaliation so some things need not remain hidden any longer."

    The Palace Lord was even more confused now. What did he mean by 'without the Young Master, Ying'er would never have become the Eldest Lady of the Underworld'? What does that even mean?

    "Hmph!" The white-robed elder noticed the confused look on the Palace Lord's face and scoffed coldly as he said, "Do you know why we had given him the position of Young Master? That's because he was the original creator of the Underworld! Now, we are merely returning the Underworld to its rightful owner! So tell me, without his existence, what kind of Palace Lord would you have become? How is it your business when it concerns who he wishes to hand an organization that he has created over to?"

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