1571 The Consequences Of Presumption 4


    Before the Palace Lord could get up from the ground, he was pushed back down once again. His pale face was filled with hopelessness as he directed a hate-filled glare towards Qianbei Ye.

    The other elders had ugly looks on their faces as well as they never thought that Qianbei Ye would turn out to be the Underworld's creator! They had lost their leverage since they had previously intended to use his position as Young Master to threaten Qianbei Ye!

    Huang Ying gently lowered her gaze. Even though she had remained silent, a wave of peril washed over her heart.

    She has thoroughly underestimated Qianbei Ye!

    If she had known that he has such a powerful background, she would have exhausted all means to obtain his heart!

    However, she was never really interested in Qianbei Ye at the beginning and had only approached him under her father's others! Therefore, she had not used any schemes at all! After finding out about Qianbei Ye's true identity and witnessing his devotion towards Gu Ruoyun, how could she not feel regret?

    No woman could resist the charms of such a devoted yet powerful man!

    "Ancestral Elder, did you say that Qianbei Ye is the Underworld's creator? How can this be> How could something like this have happened?" The Palace Lord laughed bitterly as he gently shut his eyes while his heart trembled strongly.

    The white-robed elder scoffed icily before he turned to face Qianbei Ye and asked respectfully, "Master, may I ask how do you wish for us to deal with these people?"

    Ever since he had exposed Qianbei Ye's identity, he no longer addressed him as the 'Young Master' and had reverted to his manner of address from ten thousand years ago.

    "Everyone must be punished according to the clan's law."

    Qianbei Ye's voice was cold and distant without a trace of humanity.

    "No!" The Palace Lord quickly rose to his feet when he heard this. His eyes turned red with anxiety as he cried out in panic, "Ying'er is innocent, you can't do this to her!"

    According to the clan's law, any subordinate who has offended their superior would be executed by a thousand cuts!

    This was the Underworld's true cruelty!

    "Yun'er, we're done with the matters here. It's time for us to leave the Dark Earth Realm."

    Qianbei Ye did not seem to hear the Palace Lord's cries as he stared gently at the woman in his arms and curled his lips.


    Gu Ruoyun nodded. She was fighting against time now so she would naturally not waste it in the Underworld.

    As she had obtained the Blood Drop Fruit, she should now head off to search for the Ancient Dragon's Bile in the Dragon Clan.

    "Young Master, no! You can't do this! The clan's punishment is too severe and Ying'er has done nothing wrong. Besides, we had merely wanted you to marry Ying'er. Even if we were in the wrong, our crimes do not merit death!"

    The Palace Lord's eyes turned red and he wanted to lunge forward to pull the corner of Qianbei Ye's robe. However, the Ancestral Elders had restrained him before he could even touch Qianbei Ye.

    "You said that you've done nothing wrong?" Qianbei Ye slowly turned around and his gloomy eyes landed upon Huang Ying.

    This was the first time he had looked straight at Huang Ying. His gaze, however, made her tremble.

    "She had called herself the Young Madam and that's the worst crime! Everyone else must also receive the clan's punishment with no exceptions!"


    The Palace Lord's legs gave way and he crumbled to the ground once again.

    He had been truly mistaken! However, he never thought that he would end up with no hope of reprieve because of this one mistake.

    "There's one more thing." Qianbei Ye looked at the Ancestral Elders as he coldly issued his order, "The Heavenly Moon Emperor had dared to stage an assassination attempt on me and Yun'er. You two will handle this matter, I want that Emperor to suffer a fate worse than death!"

    "As you command!"

    The two Ancestral Elders joined their fists in unison as they replied.

    "Wait a minute." Gu Ruoyun suddenly remembered something and called out to the two Ancestral Elders. "The son of the Heavenly Moon Empire's General, Li Qing, is my friend. Therefore, only attack the Heavenly Moon Emperor. Don't hurt the members of the General's Mansion by mistake."


    The two did not hesitate and responded immediately.

    "Let's go."

    After Qianbei Ye had issued his instructions, he then wrapped his arm around Gu Ruoyun before exiting the Clan Hall.

    Now that those two old geezers' health has been restored, the Underworld can be set aside for the time being. The current task is more urgent and restoring my brother-in-law's body is more important...

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