1575 Meeting Lan Ge Again 4

    Nevertheless, they would never reveal this agenda!

    Do demibeast humans really have explosive tempers and could easily commit a great sin? This was merely an excuse which elders and seniors have come up with in order to obtain the bodies of demibeast humans.

    Otherwise, their acts of cruelty would go down in history as infamy!

    By using this excuse, things would become different. The world would see cultivators who have murdered demibeast humans as righteous men and would write their names down in history!


    Lan Ge scoffed coldly, "You cruel humans will receive retribution one day. I, Lan Ge, will tear myself to pieces today and won't leave a single shred of useful material for you!"

    He was surrounded by so many human cultivators, escape would be more difficult than scaling the heavens.

    However, he would rather tear himself to pieces than leave his organs for these disgusting humans to utilize!

    "What are you going to do?"

    Sensing the ripples of energy from Lan Ge's body, the elder in flax-colored robes no longer maintained his stern and righteous air as his expression filled with anxiety.

    "You want to explode yourself? You must know that if you explode, your soul will be destroyed as well! Stop that now!"

    If Lan Ge really does explode, nothing would be left and their efforts would have gone to waste today.

    After all, the number of demibeast humans were far too few. They had finally discovered one with great difficulty so how could they abandon this opportunity?

    Lan Ge did not seem to hear the elder in flax-colored robes' words as the aura within his body rose once again with a self-destructive power.

    "Lady Gu, I'm sorry that I can't fulfill my promise to you nor can I grow stronger and follow you." Lan Ge's greatest regret was being unable to personally hand over the Cloudy Wind Empire to Gu Ruoyun.

    This would be his life's greatest regret!

    Just as Lan Ge felt that he would explode at any moment, a hand suddenly reached out and pressed against his shoulder. At that moment, the power within his body calmed down. His body, which had initially expanded like a balloon, was restored to its previous state as if it had been punctured.

    He turned around shakily to lay his eyes upon a woman dressed in green robes standing behind him. His expression was full of shock as well as a sense of excitement.

    "You... You're back?"

    The green-robed woman was tranquil and aloof. Her chilly eyes bored into the people who had forced Lan Ge's hand as she calmly asked, "Lan Ge, tell me what's going on."

    Lan Ge's body shuddered and he gently lowered his eyes as a hint of sadness flashed within his gaze.

    "I had accidentally revealed my identity as a demibeast human so I was hunted by them."

    Exposed his identity?

    Gu Ruoyun knitted her brows together as she looked at Lan Ge and said, "I had helped you to conceal your aura, how did you end up revealing yourself?"

    Hearing this, Lan Ge flashed her a bitter smile. "I had heard that a divine weapon had appeared in this region so I had come here with Liu Yue to obtain it. Who would have thought that the so-called divine weapon was an ancient spirit. That spirit had seen right through my identity immediately and wanted to use my flesh to mold a new body for him. At the time, there were many powerful cultivators who were also present so my identity as a demibeast human had been exposed."

    An ancient spirit who could see through Lan Ge's identity as a demibeast human?

    Gu Ruoyun gently stroked her chin and fell silent. Her thoughts were unreadable.

    She had once helped to conceal Lan Ge's aura but someone had still managed to see through it. However, only one type of person could have seen through Lan Ge's concealment. This means that the spirit was also a demibeast human!

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