1577 The Dragon Clan 1

    Gu Ruoyun looked at the crowd in front of her with a calm and tranquil look on her face.

    "I suddenly feel that using three seconds to defeat you is too much of a waste. One second is enough."

    The crowd shook before they burst into laughter. Some laughed so hard that they could not stand up straight.

    They have seen arrogance but they have never met anyone as arrogant as this woman. She actually had the audacity to say that it would only take one second to defeat them?

    However, just as the crowd was laughing very loudly, the woman slowly raised her hand...

    The Ancient Divine Pagoda which emitted a purple light appeared from thin air. Without even waiting for the group to return to their senses, it had slammed violently down.


    The loud noise shook the entire mountain range. The crowd beneath the gigantic pagoda had been flattened into meat patties before they could even react.

    "Let's go."

    Gu Ruoyun turned to look at the still-dazed Lan Ge and spoke as she furrowed her brows.

    Lan Ge blinked dazedly and stared in astonishment at the woman's delicate and pristine features. He wanted to speak but did not know how to start.

    Just as Lan Ge's heart was shaking, a peerless figure appeared before his eyes.

    That man has silver hair and crimson robes with a small smile curved on his face. His smile would only be filled with this much tenderness and warmth whenever he saw the green-robed woman.

    "Is it done?"

    Gu Ruoyun nodded lightly, "Xiao Ye, this fellow is my old friend and is also a demibeast human. His mother was a princess from the Dragon Clan and his father was a human. I've promised him back then that if I were to journey to the Dragon Clan, I would bring him along."

    Qianbei Ye nodded calmly and looked at Gu Ruoyun with a smile on his lips, "Yun'er, let's be on our way then."

    As he stared at the silver-haired man who had pulled Gu Ruoyun into his arms, Lan Ge felt a sense of disappointment and he did not know why. Soon, however, he quickly recovered his emotions. It was likely that such an outstanding woman like Gu Ruoyun would probably need a man like this who was good enough for her.

    "Lan Ge."

    Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun seemed to have remembered something. She turned around to look at Lan Ge and raised her brow, "By the way, Lan Ge, is the spirit you had previously run into still around?"

    Lan Ge was in a daze and he could not fully comprehend the meaning in Gu Ruoyun's words.

    He nodded gently after remaining silent for a moment, "At the time, that spirit was too powerful so many cultivators who had tried to destroy him had died by his hand. We barely escaped with our lives ourselves."

    That day, the spirit had purposely created a miracle to mislead people into thinking that a divine weapon had appeared. This caused many powerful cultivators to fight each other as they approached him.

    Who would have thought that what had awaited the victors was not a legendary divine weapon but a spirit who was seeking to reconstruct his flesh?

    Initially, he had only wanted to snatch their human bodies but when he saw Lan Ge, his objectives became focused solely on Lan Ge's body. As a result, the others simply had were not in his sights at all.

    "Take me there."

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment before she slowly spoke.

    Despite the astonishment in his heart, Lan Ge did not show it on his face as he nodded, "Alright."


    A faint yet powerful coercion was emitting from a nearby mountain range. If one were to carefully observe the situation here, they would notice that though numerous spiritual beasts roamed this mountain, none of them had approached the area around the cave.

    Furthermore, one could not even sense the presence of spiritual beasts.

    At this moment, a group of three paused in their footsteps just as they reached the cave.

    Out of the three, the most remarkable was a pair of lovers. The man had a head of silver hair and was dressed in crimson robes. His peerless features carried a gloomy air and only when he gazed upon his beloved would a smile appear.

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