1580 The Dragon Clan 4

    The woman's voice was calm and refined but it moved Lan Ge so much that he did not know what to say.

    In the end, all of his gratitude was put into two words, "Thank you."

    "You don't have to thank me. Since you've chosen to follow me, I will have need of your powers. Helping you is equivalent to helping me." Gu Ruoyun replied calmly. "Let's go, our business here is done. We shall make our way to the Dragon Clan now."

    The Dragon Clan resides on the North Sea which was in the First City. Hence, they had to return to the First City once again...

    Lan Ge nodded and did not say any further word of thanks.

    He knows that the way to really repay her was to follow her and fight against the world.


    Dragons were living things who stand at the pinnacle of the food chain amongst all living things.

    Hence, one could imagine the sheer power the Dragon Clan holds.

    However, because the heirs of the Dragon Clan have withered and reproduction has been difficult, the number of dragons have decreased dramatically! Even though the dragons of the Dragon Clan have great power, they have lost to humans when it comes to population strength. As a result, humans were now the masters of the mainland.

    If the Dragon Clan were to procreate as successfully as humans, all of heaven and earth would belong to the Dragon Clan.

    At the vast and endless North Sea, Gu Ruoyun paused as she stared into the large sea. She then gently raised her brow and turned towards the blue-eyed man by her side, "Do you know how to enter the Dragon Clan?"

    Lan Ge frowned. After a long pause, he spoke, "Ever since my parents' death, I had intended to escape back to the Dragon Clan. However, the people of the Dragon Clan had refused to recognize my identity so I have no position to speak of in the Dragon Clan. I don't have any way of making those people see me either."

    As he spoke, Lan Ge's voice filled with sorrow.

    As a demibeast human, he has the blood of a human but also the blood of the Dragon Clan in his veins. However, be it humans or Dragon Clan, neither accepted his existence.

    How could he not feel agonized by this?

    "However, I have another way," Lan Ge's eyes flickered as he exclaimed. "I remember that there's a place by the name of North Sea Village not too far from the North Sea. Some members of the Dragon Clan would occasionally visit that village. If we can find a member of the Dragon Clan there, we could ask them to bring us to the Dragon Clan. Even though the Dragon Clan is very powerful, they are small in numbers and many had been slain by humans over the years. Therefore, to prevent humans from infiltrating and attacking the Dragon Clan, there's no way for us to enter that place unless a dragon guides us in."

    Gu Ruoyun gently raised her brow. Even though she has the Dragon King's spirit in her possession, she would never let anyone find out about the Dragon King's existence unless she had no other choice.

    After all, if anyone were to see the Dragon King's spirit, it would bring her a lot of trouble.

    "Come, let's head to the North Sea Village now."

    Gu Ruoyun lowered her eyelids as her lips curled into an angle, "For my big brother, I must have the Ancient Dragon's Bile no matter what."

    The North Sea Village was located near the North Sea. As it was near to the North Sea, there were countless geniuses and treasures as well as powerful cultivators in the North Sea Village.

    Perhaps it was due to luck but just as Gu Ruoyun's group had arrived in the North Sea Village, someone called out with a voice filled with surprise.

    "Lan Ge, are you really Lan Ge? The princess' son, Lan Ge?"

    A tender and pretty figure quickly ran towards the group. There was a surprised grin on her delicate features. She raised her hand to hold Lan Ge's hand as a sense of excitement increased on her face.Plot hole: Uh... What about the Azure Dragon?

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