1583 The Dragon Clan 7

    How could Long Yan remain unmoved when faced with the sight of the woman he loves shielding another man? Besides, he has been pursuing Long Ling'er for over ten years but she had never done anything else to encourage him. Now, she was smiling so happily in front of this demibeast human.

    How could he not feel jealous over this?

    "Long Yan, if you continue to treat Lan Ge in this manner, don't ever show your face in front of me again. I can complete this task alone and I don't need you!"

    Long Ling'er scoffed icily as she remarked irritably.

    Long Yan shut his eyes in agony before he reopened them after a long pause. There was a sense of struggle in his eyes.

    "Ling'er, you will regret putting your trust in these people one day, especially these humans. They are the most cunning of all and you will only lose by interacting with them. All I've ever done has been for your own good, why won't you listen to me?"

    Long Ling'er pursed her lips. She no longer bothered about Long Yan as she walked to Lan Ge's side before speaking with a grin, "Lan Ge, ignore this fellow, he really doesn't trust humans. He would not even trust you who holds the bloodline of humans."

    Lan Ge chuckled and stared at Long Ling'er with a gentle gaze.

    "I don't mind. The only thing is, what task do you have on your trip here? Is there anything that I can help you with?"

    Long Ling'er fell silent as the smile on her face gradually disappeared as well.

    "Something has happened to the Dragon Clan."

    "Something has happened to the Dragon Clan?" Lan Ge was shaken as he asked quickly, "What happened?"

    One should not judge Lan Ge simply because the Dragon Clan had previously treated him badly. In reality, he had considered the Dragon Clan to be his own family all the while.

    Mainly because his mother was the Dragon Clan's Princess. She was once the Dragon Clan Leader's most treasured daughter.

    Regardless of how badly the Dragon Clan treats him, he does not want his mother's family to be destroyed so quickly!


    Long Yan yelled anxiously once again and his eyes filled with panic, afraid that Long Ling'er would blurt something out.

    However, Long Ling'er did not seem to hear his voice and continued to speak, "Not too long ago, a human had plotted against the Clan Leader and poisoned the Clan Leader. That human had wanted our Dragon Clan to become his hired thugs which was why he had plotted against the Clan Leader. It was also our carelessness to accidentally allow a villain to approach the Clan Leader when we were on a journey. We've made this trip to find a cure for the Clan Leader."

    As she spoke, Long Ling'er looked at Lan Ge, "Lan Ge, the Clan Leader is your maternal grandfather. I hope you can come with us."


    Once Long Ling'er has finished speaking, Long Yan, who was next to them, scoffed coldly and exclaimed with ridicule, "Now do you know how wicked you humans can be? They had spared no mercy in tactics in order to obtain our Dragon Clan's power! This is simply the height of cruelty! This is why I hate humans. You humans have nothing good about you, you're all selfish people!"

    Based on Long Yan's expression, they could tell that he already detests humans bitterly and deeply wishes that humans never existed in the world at all.

    However, after he had spoken, a gloomy aura engulfed him from all directions. It was difficult for him to even breathe under that aura and he felt suffocated.

    He wanted to find the source of that aura and raised his head. At that moment, a cold, gloomy and bloodthirsty pair of eyes bore into his vision, causing him to shudder.

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