1584 The Dragon Clan 8

    "Please don't take it to heart, Long Yan has always had a temper and he has always hated humans. Actually, his character isn't all that bad."

    Long Ling'er turned apologetically towards Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye and explained, "You are Lang Ge's friends. I trust Lan Ge so I trust the both of you as well. I can see that your powers are really not bad. I wonder if you'd be willing to come with us to search for the medicinal herbs to make the cure?"

    Gu Ruoyun's eyes flickered and she nodded, "Our trip this time is for the Dragon Clan so if you have the need, we can come with you."

    "What is your purpose for coming to the Dragon Clan?"

    Long Yan caught on to what Gu Ruoyun had said and frowned before he asked irritably.

    Gu Ruoyun would certainly never admit that she was here for the Dragon King's bile. Otherwise, she could probably forget about ever entering the Dragon Clan.

    Therefore, she pointed at Lan Ge and said, "To escort him to meet his forefathers."

    This time, Gu Ruoyun could not help but feel glad for bringing Lan Ge along. Otherwise, it would be more difficult for her to enter the Dragon Clan.

    "Don't worry. After you've helped us to find the herbs for the Clan Leader's cure, I will definitely put in a good word for Lan Ge." Long Ling'er grinned. Her tender and pretty features were filled with a smile as she continued, "To find the herbs for the cure, we need to cross the North Sea Village to the mountain behind it. It is said that a powerful spiritual beast guards the herb so it might be a bit difficult to obtain."

    "One more thing..."

    Long Yan'er's eyes slowly turned downwards and landed on the little beast in Gu Ruoyun's arms.

    "This little fellow is really cute. What species of spiritual beast is it?"

    Gu Ruoyun glanced at Mengmeng. This little fellow is not a spiritual beast at all but she could not reveal that.

    Hence, she thought of a bit before replying, "It's a Furball Beast."

    This little fellow was fluffy and adorable like a furball. It really does suit the name.

    "Squeak, squeak, squawk!"

    Mengmeng understood what Gu Ruoyun had said and squeaked angrily while its little eyes opened wide. No matter how angry it was, no deterrent force could be seen.

    You're the Furball Beast, your whole family are Furball Beasts!

    Long Ling'er's mouth twitched after hearing this name. However, honestly speaking, this fellow really does look like a ball of fur.

    "Let's go now. If we drag on any longer, the Clan Leader might be in danger."

    Long Ling'er thought for a moment and said, "Lan Ge, if you and your friends can help us, and we will certainly repay you."

    "My mother is the Dragon Clan's Princess so I can never ignore the matters surrounding that old fellow."

    Lan Ge lowered his eyes as he sighed in exasperation.

    Even though his maternal grandfather refuses to recognize him, for his mother's sake, he could not stand back and watch his maternal grandfather die. Besides, Gu Ruoyun surely has her objectives for entering the Dragon Clan. Due to this, that old geezer must live!

    Only by helping them find the herb for the cure could they enter the Dragon Clan!

    "Ling'er, do you really want to trust these people?" Long Yan was very unsatisfied with Long Ling'er's decision. "If they tamper with the curing herb and harm the Clan Leader, what do we do? Who is going to take that responsibility?"

    Long Ling'er frowned, "Long Yan, if you aren't happy with my decision, we can go our separate ways. I'm not going to abandon Lan Ge here anyway. If any problems arise with the herb for the cure, I will take that responsibility."

    She then turned away from Long Yan and looked at Lan Ge as she said, "Lan Ge, let's ignore him and go. How annoying, I can find that herb for the cure alone yet he had insisted on tagging along."

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