1585 The Dragon Clan 9

    "You..." Long Yan was so furious until his face turned ashen. However, he simply waved his hand in the end and replied, "We will follow you."

    If he allows Ling'er to stay with these people, it was hard to tell if she would remain unharmed. It would be best for him to tag along for now! When the time comes, Ling'er would get a clearer idea of who actually has her best interests in mind!

    Humans will never be anything good!


    Though the North Sea Village was called a 'village', its size was comparable to some of the major cities on the mainland. In fact, it was even bigger than most! This place was also ranked as one of the top places in the First City.

    As Gu Ruoyun and the others stepped out from the North Sea Village's back area, countless figures instantly appeared from all directions and blocked the group's way.

    "Is that them?"

    Long Yan's expression changed when he saw the people before him. A dark, gloomy expression clouded over his gaze as he spoke, "North Sea Village isn't the only path to the Celestial Dragon Mountain. There are other paths which connect to that place. Why, of all things, have these people discovered that we would be using this path?"

    Gu Ruoyun gently narrowed her eyes and observed the people before her. A sense of surprise flashed across her eyes.

    "Members of the Wen family?"

    That was right, those were indeed members of the Wen family.

    Besides, there was more than a few of them here...

    "I knew it, I knew that these humans have wicked intentions!" Long Yan overheard Gu Ruoyun's words and cried out, "They must have drawn them here. Otherwise, how could these people have known that we would be using this path? Besides, they clearly know these people."

    Based on Long Yan's point of view, Gu Ruoyun must have secretly informed these people and asked them to surround and intercept them after she had met with the members of the Dragon Clan.

    Of course, if this had happened in the North Sea, Long Yan would not be afraid of them.

    After all, there were a lot of powerful cultivators in the Dragon Clan.

    However, they had not brought very many people when they had left the North Sea this time so that they would not raise any suspicions. They never expected to be ambushed by these humans along the way.

    "This must be a misunderstanding, Lan Ge and the others would never harm us."

    Long Ling'er shook her head. She trusts Lan Ge explicitly and would never believe that he has intentions of hurting them.

    "Hmph, the facts are now in front of us. They must have informed them!"

    Long Yan scoffed icily as he spoke with disdain, "Celestial Dragon Mountain's terrain is fraught with danger and countless traps. Even if these people had intercepted us at the foot of the mountain, based on our understanding of the place, we could have avoided getting killed. They must have known that they could not defeat us in Celestial Dragon Mountain and they could only kill us while we were outside the mountain! There are so many paths to Celestial Dragon Mountain yet we had chosen the longest way from North Sea Village. Why were they still able to intercept us here?"


    When the little fellow overheard Long Yan's accusations, it yawned before sending a disdainful look at the furious dragon.

    Is this fellow an idiot? He has exposed his own whereabouts. It's obvious that there's a traitor in the Dragon Clan but he had pushed the responsibility onto Gu Ruoyun in the end.

    Besides, how could one human have the ability to plot against the Dragon Clan's Clan Leader? If someone had not betrayed them, how could that human have possibly been able to get near the Clan Leader? However, based on Long Yan's conceited personality, he would never believe that there was a traitor in the Dragon Clan.

    "If you don't wish to die, you'd better shut your mouth!"

    A clear and cold voice suddenly chimed in. It was layered thickly with suppression and caused Long Yan's body to stiffen.

    He then sensed the woman fiercely yanking his lapels with her hand while an unbridled fury burned within her cool and clear eyes.

    Lan Ge was shocked.

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