1587 The Dragon Clan 11

    "Long Yan, I've truly misjudged you."

    Long Ling'er was incensed by Long Yan's attitude and she scolded, "I never thought that you would turn out to be someone who would refuse to admit that you had been mistaken! If Lan Ge's friends had not intervened today, we might not have been able to escape the situation so easily."

    Once Long Ling'er had said her piece, she turned to face Lan Ge. The once furious look on her little face immediately shifted onto a smile.

    "Let's go, Lan Ge."


    Lan Ge looked at the nearly twisted look on Long Yan's face as a light flickered in his eyes. He then turned his gaze back to Long Yan'er as a smile appeared in his blue eyes.

    Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye followed behind them as they slowly walked towards Celestial Dragon Mountain. No one paid any attention to the irritated Long Yan...

    Celestial Dragon Mountain was a grim terrain filled with countless traps. There were also countless powerful spiritual beasts who reside here! Only the Dragon Clan's members were familiar with Celestial Dragon Mountain's terrain so they were able to pass the layers of obstacles very quickly.

    "This is Celestial Dragon Mountain. If my grandfather is right, the detoxifying herb should be close by."

    Long Ling'er furrowed her attractive brows as her large eyes flashed. She then searched every corner but could not find the detoxifying herb that she needed, causing her brows to furrow even more.

    "This isn't right, the detoxifying herb should be here. Why isn't it here?"

    "Watch out!"

    Suddenly, a powerful aura charged towards them. With sharp eyes and agile hands, Lan Ge pulled Long Ling'er aside, dodging the enormous entity which had suddenly charged towards them

    However, Long Yan, who had been following closely behind Long Ling'er, was not as fortunate. He was hit squarely by that enormous entity which howled and bit his shoulder.


    The searing agony from his shoulder caused Long Yan to let out a heart-wrenching dragon's roar. Somehow, his dragon's roar caused the enormous entity to shake. Long Yan took advantage of this to break away from the latter's fangs.

    "Sir Long Yan!"

    The members of the Dragon Clan who had tagged closely behind Long Yan all turned pale from shock. They quickly rushed to Long Yan's side and asked anxiously, "Sir Long Yan, we have a hemostatic herb, use it now."

    When the ashen-faced Long Yan saw the medicinal herb that then members of the Dragon Clan had handed to him, he quickly accepted it and applied it on his wound. The pain caused him to gasp and his expression turned even uglier.

    "It's a Tyrannical Sky Tiger!"

    The Tyrannical Sky Tiger was a massive beast with a cruel nature. They never expected to meet one in the Celestial Dragon Mountain.

    Suddenly, Long Ling'er's sharp eyes noticed a purple medicinal herb in the Tyrannical Sky Tiger's mouth. Her expression instantly changed as she spoke, "It's the detoxifying herb! The detoxifying herb is in the Tyrannical Sky Tiger's mouth."

    However, she does not know why the Tyrannical Sky Tiger was carrying the detoxifying herb in its mouth instead of swallowing it.

    "Attack it and take the detoxifying herb!"

    Long Yan waved his hand as he coldly issued the order.

    The Tyrannical Sky Tiger noticed that Long Yan was trying to snatch the detoxifying herb away and instantly roared in anger. It then howled as it charged towards Long Yan once again.

    This time, Long Yan was prepared and did not get smashed by the Tyrannical Sky Tiger. However, he had barely avoided its attack...

    He stumbled and looked even less composed than ever. He gritted his teeth but he simply could not understand why this Tyrannical Sky Tiger was so focused entirely on him and had not attacked anyone else.

    Could it be that it has a grudge?

    The more Long Yan thought about this, the more he felt aggrieved and his eyes filled with resentment. He turned towards the Tyrannical Sky Tiger which was charging towards him and no longer avoided it. Instead, he hurled his dragon's breath at it.

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