1588 The Dragon Clan 12

    At the same time, the guards of the Dragon Clan also surrounded the Tyrannical Sky Tiger and blocked it from approaching Long Yan.

    Though Long Yan has reached the late stage of the Exceptional State, there was still a sizeable gap in power between him and the Tyrannical Sky Tiger. Despite that, the Tyrannical Sky Tiger still cried out in pain when the dragon's breath hit it, causing it to drop the detoxifying herb.

    "Quick, grab the detoxifying herb!"

    Long Ling'er's face lit up when she saw this and she shouted excitedly.

    Hearing this, one of the guards quickly picked the detoxifying herb up and tossed it at Gu Ruoyun who was the nearest to him.


    When the Tyrannical Sky Tiger saw that it had lost the detoxifying herb, its eyes turned red and it immediately charged towards the Dragon Clan guard. Its sharp claws shot down fiercely and slashed the guard, causing blood to pour from his wounds.

    However, the guard did not retreat and continued to use his dragon's breath to attack the Tyrannical Sky Tiger.

    Regardless of how powerful the Tyrannical Sky Tiger was, it could not withstand the attacks from so many people at once. It eyed the group surrounding it in anger before turning its eyes towards the detoxifying herb in Gu Ruoyun's hands.

    Suddenly, it broke through one of the guard's defenses and rushed madly towards a nearby hill.

    "This Tyrannical Sky Tiger seems to be quite intelligent. It knew that it could not defeat us so it had ran away. However, why do I get the feeling as if it's a little odd?" Long Ling'er tightly knitted her brows as she observed, "I almost have the feeling that it had brought the detoxifying herb to us as a gift but it was reluctant to part with it, making it seem like it had not been intentional."

    Unable to understand this, Long Ling'er decided not to overanalyze it. She shook her head and discarded this question from her mind.

    "Lan Ge, didn't you and your friends want to visit the Dragon Clan?" Long Ling'er turned towards Lan Ge. "I had promised you that once we had obtained the detoxifying herb, I would help to plead your case to the clan's elders to allow you to meet your forefathers. After all, if it had not been for you, we might have perished by the Wen family cultivators' hands."

    Lan Ge hesitated and looked at Gu Ruoyun. She nodded at him and he turned away, smiling gently. "Ling'er, may we go to the Dragon Clan now?"

    Long Ling'er nodded, "The Clan Leader is sick, you should meet him."


    Long Yan furrowed his brows in dissatisfaction, "Do you really want to do this? Don't forget, our Dragon Clan has never welcomed humans especially since we are still at a critical moment. What if these humans are scheming against the Clan Leader and end up causing the Clan Leader's death?"

    "Long Yan, do you still not understand the situation?" Long Ling'er lifted her head and looked at Long Yan. "Lan Ge is the princess' son and the Clan Leader is his maternal grandfather. How could he possibly want to hurt the Clan Leader? These two humans are also his friends so they certainly can't be bad people."

    "Ling'er, you are too naive. Are you unaware of how wicked the human heart can be? I can't trust these humans even if they've killed the Wen family members!"

    Long Yan scoffed as he swept his hate-filled eyes across Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye. The distaste in his eyes thickened.

    "Long Yan!"

    Long Ling'er stomped her foot and pouted her little lips as she retorted stubbornly, "I don't care, I believe that Lan Ge's friends are no villains. If you don't argree with me bringing them into the Dragon Clan, I won't ever speak to you again!"

    When Long Yan saw the look on Long Ling'er's face, he no longer dared to express his dissatisfaction no matter how much he was feeling it. He then sighed and said, "If you insist on doing so, I can't say anything else. However, you will one day regret placing your trust in humans!"

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