1590 The Dragon Clan 14

    Their kiss grew longer with the passage of time and gradually intensified.

    Qianbei Ye pressed Gu Ruoyun's body against the wall and his large hand grabbed the back of her head. His kiss grew from its initial tenderness to become more forceful as a gentle smile appeared in his red eyes.


    Just as the two had grown deeply affectionate, the room's door suddenly burst open. Qianbei Ye's expression turned black in an instant and a cold, gloomy aura was released from his body.

    "That's them, they're the ones who wanted to hurt the Clan Leader. Take them away!"

    A team of guards then rushed forward and charged towards Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye.

    Qianbei Ye's aura grew even colder and eerier as a murderous intent gradually rose from his body.

    Just as he was about to make the move to kill those people, Gu Ruoyun suddenly reached out and grabbed his hand tightly before saying, "Don't be hasty. let's ask them what's going on first."

    Perhaps it was the effectiveness in the woman's words but the murderous intent slowly dispersed from Qianbei Ye's being. He then looked at the crowd who had rushed into the room before turning his gaze back to Gu Ruoyun.

    "If you want to imprison us, you should have a reason as well."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled icily as her clear and cold gaze stared straight at the group.

    "A Reason? The reason is that you've hurt the Clan Leader!"

    The lead guard clearly did not pay much attention to Gu Ruoyun as he spoke wickedly.

    "Apologies but I've never met the Dragon Clan Leader. How am I supposed to have hurt him as you've said?" Gu Ruoyun looked at the guards in front of her as she replied nonchalantly.

    "Hmph, you still have the audacity to quibble now. If you had not secretly substituted the Clan Leader's detoxifying herb, how could the Clan Leader's ailment have gotten worse?" The guard glared coldly at Gu Ruoyun and said, "You've harmed the Clan Leader. Now, you will come with us!"

    The detoxifying herb had caused the Clan Leader's situation to worsen?

    Gu Ruoyun was shaken. That detoxifying herb does indeed have the ability to cure poison so it should not have made the Clan Leader any worse. Where had that problem actually originated from?

    "Alright, I'll come with you. There's one more thing, I'd like to meet your Clan Leader."

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent before she slowly replied.

    Qianbei Ye furrowed his brows. Even though he was unhappy about what the members of the Dragon Clan have done, he would only support Gu Ruoyun in her decisions.

    Hence, he did not say much but followed by Gu Ruoyun's side.

    When the two stepped out of the room, they saw Lan Ge who had also been yanked out.

    Lan Ge opened his mouth and wanted to say something but could only smile exasperatedly in the end. "Lady Gu, I've troubled you."

    Even though they had come to the Dragon Clan for the sake of the Ancient Dragon's Bile, the Clan Leader was Lan Ge's maternal grandfather after all. As the members of the Dragon Clan were treating Gu Ruoyun in this manner because of the Clan Leader's situation, Lan Ge could not help but feel very apologetic.

    "You've got nothing to do with this matter." Gu Ruoyun shook her head. "If my guess is correct, someone is scheming against the Dragon Clan."

    Lan Ge was shaken for a moment. After a long while, he slowly replied, "Lady Gu, even though I'm not a member of the Dragon Clan now, the Clan Leader is my blood relative. Can I ask you to help me save him? If this is too troubling for you, it's fine."

    As soon as he had said those words, Lan Ge immediately regretted it.

    The Dragon Clan's members have treated Gu Ruoyun with discourtesy over and over again. Anyone would be angry about it so how could he have asked her to save the Clan Leader's life?

    When Gu Ruoyun heard Lan Ge's words, she fell silent for a moment before replying, "I followed them out because I want to see the Clan Leader."

    She wants to save the Clan Leader not because she was overflowing with sympathy. After all, to someone like her, there was no such thing as sympathy! She was only willing to take action as the Dragon Clan was still of some use to her.

    Therefore, the Clan Leader must not die!

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