1591 The Dragon Clan 15

    The Dragon Clan.

    The atmosphere was tense in the Clan Hall. The crowd was seated in a circle but no one said a word.

    Long Ling'er was feeling fidgety under such tense circumstances but she still wanted to make her last defense.

    "Grandfather, elders. Lan Ge and the others could never have hurt the Clan Leader. There must have been a misunderstanding somewhere."

    "Ling'er, I've said it before, you'll regret not listening to my words!" Long Yan rose to his feet angrily and snarled, "Yet now? You're still protecting those people! Humans will never be anything good. Lan Ge carries the blood of a human so similarly, he's no good either! They've hurt the Clan Leader and the evidence is conclusive but you still want to help them. What kind of bewitching medicine has Lan Ge given you?"

    Long Ling'er did not dare to talk back when faced with the elders. However, when it comes to Long Yan, she lifted her chin and snapped furiously, "Long Yan, what do you mean by 'the evidence is conclusive'? Just because the detoxifying herb had once passed through Lady Gu's hand, you've concluded that she had substituted the medicinal herb? Had you seen it with your own eyes? If you did not see it with your own eyes, what right do you have to frame others?"

    "Ling'er, aside from her substituting the detoxifying herb, who else would do such a thing?" Long Yan stared at Long Ling'er in disappointment as if he never thought that she would shield these people even at a time like this.

    Is this the woman that I've been in love with for so many years?

    She would cast the Dragon Clan aside for the sake of those humans!


    When one of the elders saw that the two would not stop squabbling, he slammed his hand on a table in the Clan Hall and rose to his feet. He then chided with a cold look on his face, "Both of you stop talking. Everything will be determined once those humans arrive! Ling'er, you've been too neglectful this time. You should understand the deceit and treachery of mankind."


    Long Ling'er felt aggrieved and tears began to well up in her eyes.

    It's fine if no one else believes in what I'd just said but why is my own grandfather refusing to believe me?

    Lan Ge is a good person so his friends can't possibly be villains!

    Her belief in this was steadfast!


    Just then, a guard's report chimed in from outside the door, "The humans have arrived."

    "Let them in!"

    Long Ling'er's grandfather, Elder Long Yuan, replied indifferently.

    Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye then stepped into the Clan Hall together. They did not look anxious or worried. Instead, they looked abnormally calm as if they were only here to sip tea and chit chat.

    Lan Ge had also followed suit behind the two and entered the room. He saw the elders seated in the clan hall at first glance and could not help but recall the humiliation he had once faced here. His eyes turned pitch black.

    However, he soon recovered.

    He had promised Gu Ruoyun that he would not let anyone affect his emotions. Hence, he would not feel sad and dejected because of the Dragon Clan anymore.

    "Was it you who had substituted the detoxifying herb to covertly injure the Clan Leader?"

    Long Yuan stared calmly at the three who had entered the Clan Hall and slowly asked.


    Gu Ruoyun's reply was steady and decisive, firmly denying Long Yuan's question.

    "I've heard from Long Yan that you've touched this detoxifying herb. As a result, a medicinal herb which should have cured the Clan Leader's poison has been turned into a fatal poison." Long Yuan laughed icily. He then looked at Gu Ruoyun and slowly remarked, "If you claim that you did not do it, answer me this - who's the one who is trying to hurt the Clan Leader?"

    Long Yuan's words caused Long Ling'er's entire face to fill with anxiety. However, at a time like this, there was no way for her to extend any help to Gu Ruoyun.

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