1599 The Clan Leaders Request 3

    "This child, Lan Ge, has truly met a good Master."

    The Clan Leader smiled before he sighed, "This child has suffered a lot from a young age. His parents had been murdered but when he had come to ask for the Dragon Clan's help, he was rejected! I had intended to protect him but I had no way of going against so many objections! I could only give him grief in the end."

    Gu Ruoyun looked at the Clan Leader and her voice was tranquil, "You're a good Clan Leader."

    She paused before she continued, "But not a good father, and an even worse maternal grandfather."

    The Clan Leader laughed bitterly but he knows that Gu Ruoyun was speaking the truth.

    He had fulfilled the criteria of a Clan Leader but did not fulfill the duties of a father and a maternal grandfather. He had allowed his child to suffer so much grief in the world outside.

    Especially that year, when he heard that his daughter had married a human, he had been greatly enraged and had not seen her from that moment on.

    Even after his daughter had been killed, he had not seen her at all!

    However, no one knows how much agony he had felt when he had received the news of his daughter's death! He had not been able to sleep the entire night and all he could think of was how his daughter had used to act coquettishly at his knees.

    "Therefore, I've now thought it through. So what if the Dragon Clan's members marry humans? So what if the children they produce are demi-beast humans? As long as they can be happy, we should allow them to get married. Besides, the talents of demi-beast humans are far greater than the Dragon Clan or humans. With demi-beast humans, our Dragon Clan can grow even more powerful."

    The Clan Leader sighed. Instantly, he remembered the look in that Dragon Clan youth's eyes before his departure and his eyes darted a little.

    "Lady Gu, I don't have anything to repay your aid for the Dragon Clan this time so you may choose any of the youths from the Dragon Clan. The chosen one shall become your male attendant."

    Male attendants were not the same as guards but were equivalent to male concubines.

    The Clan Leader was feeling quite satisfied with his decision and chuckled, "I don't mean to brag but each and every one of the youths in the Dragon Clan are handsome beyond compare, so delicate that a pinch would bring water. If you..."

    Before he could finish his speech, he suddenly sensed a gloomy aura. That aura filled the chamber and nearly froze the blood in his veins.

    The crimson-robed man's eyes were gloomy and filled with a bone-piercing chill. His crimson robes carry the graceful bearing of drenched blood and cause one to feel a type of deep oppression.

    "I... I was only kidding. Our Dragon Clan youths are all ugly like cow manure. How could they be good enough to become your male attendants, Lady Gu, I really was joking..."

    As soon as he said these words, the powerful yet eerie aura disappeared from the surroundings. He could also finally breathe freely.

    Lan Ge stared wordlessly at his maternal grandfather as he itched to ask the question: Where was your integrity?

    However, Lan Ge was unaware about the hair-raising disturbance his maternal grandfather had just experienced.

    The Clan Leader had felt as if his life was not in his hands and that he could be strangled to death by that crimson-robed man at any time!

    The old man wiped the sweat off his forehead at the thought of this and stared at Qianbei Ye, trembling with fear.

    The Clan Leader was already at the late-stage of the Refined State yet this man had been able to oppress him with such a powerful coercion force. Could it be that this man was already at the Ninth Transformation State?

    In the First City, it seems that only the Secret Order's Order Master was at this level of power. Therefore, how could the man before him possess such a formidable power?

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