1600 The Clan Leaders Request 4

    "Remember this, you are not allowed to think of inappropriate things next time."

    Qianbei Ye raised his brow and pulled Gu Ruoyun aggressively into his arms. There was an eerie and cold smile on his red lips as he continued, "She's my wife and no is allowed to devise any plans towards her. If you were to spout thoughtless words again, I'm afraid that you will be crushed to pieces!"

    The Clan Leader knows that this man would be able to carry out this threat.

    His heart trembled especially when he remembered the crushing energy released by this man.

    "Is there anything else?"

    Qianbei Ye raised his brows and asked.

    When the Clan Leader saw that raised brow, he assumed that the latter was unsatisfied with him. He immediately jumped in fright and rose to his feet before anxiously replying, "N-Nothing..."

    "If there's nothing else, stop disturbing us. Otherwise, you won't need to wait for these people to destroy the Dragon Clan. I will destroy it!"

    After Qianbei Ye had spoken, he wrapped his arm around Gu Ruoyun's waist, turned around and walked out of the Clan Leader's chamber.

    All that was left was a string of threats which caused the Clan Leader's entire body to tremble...

    Once the two had left, the Clan Leader was able to return to his senses. He turned towards his maternal grandson and asked, "Lan Ge, do you happen to know where these friends of yours had come from? One has exceedingly peerless medical skills while the other is even more powerful than me. If my guess is correct, that silver-haired man's power must be at the Ninth Transformation State."

    Lan Ge shook his head as a complex look flashed in his eyes.

    "I don't know where he's from either. All I know is that he's Gu Ruoyun's man. That is enough. Maternal grandfather, these two aren't people that you can offend so it's best not to provoke them."

    The Clan Leader laughed in spite of his anger and glared at him, "You damned brat, I'm still your maternal grandfather and yet you dare to speak to your grandfather in this manner?"

    "You may be my maternal grandfather but should you ever end up in a quarrel with Lady Gu, I would certainly stand on Lady Gu's side." Lan Ge lifted his head and spoke resolutely.

    "You are disobedient!" The Clan Leader trembled with rage.

    Lan Ge glanced at him carelessly, "I'm merely placing righteousness over family."

    These words angered the Clan Leader into laughter. "Whatever. If I continue this debate with you, I will be angered to death. You need not overanalyze things. I'm not so idiotic to think of ever offending them. Otherwise, not even a hundred of me would be able to kill that man."

    The Clan Leader was speaking the truth!

    Qianbei Ye's power has frightened him. For the moment, he does not have the urge to stuff the youths of the Dragon Clan into Gu Ruoyun's arms.

    "Lan Ge, I'm tired. Help me up to get some rest." The Clan Leader sighed. His elderly body was feeling a little exhausted.

    Hearing this, Lan Ge furrowed his brows and did not say much as he helped the old geezer up...


    Gu Ruoyun was seated near the desk in the room and gently sipped on a cup of tea. She raised the corner of her lips and said, "The Ancient Dragon's Bile is finally in our hands. Now, it all depends on when Zuo Shangchen sends over the last bit of material I need."

    Qianbei Ye was seated in front of Gu Ruoyun. His peerless and beautiful features lit up with a smile as he said, "That fellow's power is a little mysterious but there shouldn't be much of a problem. He will send the item you need over very soon. Once your older brother has recovered, let's get married, okay?"

    Gu Ruoyun gently nodded as she stared at the man's peerless features. She was about to agree when a knock sounded on the door.

    "Who is it?"

    Gu Ruoyun furrowed her brows and asked.

    "It's me, Long Yan."

    A clear and bright voice slowly rang out from outside the door...

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