1603 Betrayal 1

    The elders' breathing seemed to have grown faint as if they were making an important decision.

    After a long pause, someone finally spoke up amongst the crowd.

    "I believe that what Elder Long Xin said makes sense. Doing this doesn't mean that we are traitors to the Dragon Clan. We will be betraying the Clan Leader at most! If we do succeed in solving the Dragon Clan's reproductive issues, perhaps the entire Dragon Clan will consider us their benefactors. Hence, I'm willing to listen to Elder Long Xin's orders."

    The elder who had made that remark looked stern and righteous as if what he was doing was exceptionally honorable.

    Long Xin raised the corner of his lips and smiled complacently. He had long been able to guess how these people would react.

    "Elder Long Xin, we are willing to obey your words. As long as we can solve the Dragon Clan's difficulties, even if we commit the crime of betraying the Clan Leader, we won't regret it! Besides, everything we've done will be understood by the other members of the Dragon Clan. I believe that when the time comes, no one will blame us for our ungratefulness!"

    Everyone else eagerly voiced their decision as well. It was undeniable that these people approve of what Long Xin had just said.

    To the Dragon Clan, nothing was more important than solving the Dragon Clan's reproductive issue.

    "In a few days, those powerful cultivators will descend upon the Dragon Clan." Long Xin was very satisfied with their decision and nodded. "When that time comes, you must all act together and open a path to the Dragon Clan for them with an avenue as big as the sky!"

    "Don't worry, Elder Long Xin, we won't let you down!"

    The crowd was now filled with utmost trust towards Long Xin and did not even ask for proof over his words!

    After all, the reproductive issue in the Dragon Clan was far too important. Hence, their hearts had unconsciously trusted his words!


    Gu Ruoyun looked at Lan Ge who had come to see her in a room filled with a simple and elegant fragrance. She raised her brow and asked, "Lan Ge, the Dragon Clan finally recognizes your status now. Why aren't you reminiscing with your maternal grandfather? Why are you here to see me?"

    Lan Ge looked a little hesitant. He fell silent for a moment before he replied, "Lady Gu, you should be aware of the Dragon Clan's greatest threat."

    "I'm aware." Gu Ruoyun looked at Lan Ge. "Hasn't the Clan Leader mentioned it? He hoped that I could help him to defend against outside enemies and I had agreed to do so."

    "That's not what I'm talking about."

    Lan Ge shook his head, "I'm talking about a different issue."

    He then raised his head and his gentle blue eyes stared at the woman standing before him.

    "Since ancient times, there has been one fault in the Dragon Clan's existence - the Dragon Clan's birth rate is far too weak! Hence, even though the Dragon Clan's members have long lives, to this day, there are only several thousand dragons in total."

    If these thousands of dragons were to attack together, they could certainly cause an exceptional upheaval in one region.

    However, one should not forget that the humans on the mainland number around a hundred million! In the face of these hundred million humans, the few thousand dragons were not much of a threat. Otherwise, the Dragon Clan would not have been forced into the North Sea.

    "What are you trying to say?" Gu Ruoyun raised her head to look at Lan Ge and asked.

    "Lady Gu, I'm your man and now that I've received my maternal grandfather's approval, I've become my maternal grandfather's only heir. Once I've entered the Dragon Clan, the Dragon Clan will fall into my leadership. By then, I will give the authority of the Dragon Clan to you."

    Qianbei Ye furrowed his brows, extremely annoyed with Lan Ge's phrase of 'I'm your man'. However, he did not say much in the end but wrapped his arms around Gu Ruoyun from behind.

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