1604 Betrayal 2

    Gu Ruoyun ignored Qianbei Ye she looked at Lan Ge with a forced smile, "And?"

    "And..." Lan Ge gently pursed the corners of his lips. He then looked as if he had made a decision and replied, "I want to ask you, Lady Gu, to help solve the Dragon Clan's reproductive issues! When the Dragon Clan's leadership falls into your hand and if the Dragon Clan was to grow more powerful, your power in the future will also become greater."

    Lan Ge had made this decision when the Dragon Clan had acknowledged him!

    He was Gu Ruoyun's subordinate and no matter what power he has, he would hand it over to her without any regrets!

    Gu Ruoyun chuckled and spoke, "If the Dragon Clan belongs to me, I will help the Dragon Clan to solve this problem! However, I won't do this before the Dragon Clan belongs to me!"

    It wasn't that she does not trust Lan Ge, she simply does not trust the other members of the Dragon Clan!

    Her decision to help the Dragon Clan to defend against their enemies was to prevent the Dragon Clan, which Lan Ge resides in, from being encroached. More importantly, she does not want the Dragon Clan to fall into anyone else's hands. Now that the Dragon Clan was plagued with domestic problems and foreign invasion, if she were to help the Dragon Clan to solve their reproductive issues, the Dragon Clan's power would give her substantial trouble later on.

    After all, there was a spy within the Dragon Clan!

    Gu Ruoyun lifted the corners of her lips at the thought of this before remarking calmly, "Lan Ge, I'm doing this not because I don't trust you but because there's still a spy within the Dragon Clan. I don't want to make the current Dragon Clan even more powerful now, do you understand?"

    "A spy?"

    Lan Ge was shocked and he stared at Gu Ruoyun.

    Gu Ruoyun changed her position and sat down. She then picked up a teacup and sipped gently before she smiled gently and replied, "Do you remember that when we had gone to look for the antidote, the Tyrannical Sky Tiger had presented the antidote to us? At the time, I did not understand why that was. I only understood everything after we had returned to the Dragon Clan."

    Gu Ruoyun paused at this point. "The Tyrannical Sky Tiger had brought the antidote over not by accident. This spy also has some understanding of the art of Pill Refinement. He knew that the herb wasn't the antidote that you needed and was only similar in appearance to the actual antidote. Also, it would even worsen the Clan Leader's condition! It was through this matter that I confirmed that there was a spy in the Dragon Clan's midst."

    Lan Ge fell silent. He knows that whatever Gu Ruoyun had just said was correct. Since she said that there was a spy in the Dragon Clan, there must be a spy in the Dragon Clan.

    "Lady Gu, what should we do?"

    Gu Ruoyun calmly raised the corners of her lips.

    Only the Dragon Clan can go into the Celestial Dragon Mountain. Hence, that person must be a member of the Dragon Clan. Because of this, she would not help to increase the Dragon Clan's power as she does not know the spy's true identity!

    "Lan Ge, I've saved the Clan Leader so that spy must now hate me to the very core. Hence, I won't help you to solve this problem. When that traitor has been rooted out and the Dragon Clan serves only me, I can then help you to solve any issues."

    Lan Ge looked at Gu Ruoyun and nodded. "I understand, Lady Gu. I will always stand on your side no matter what happens."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly and did not reply. She has every confidence in Lan Ge.

    "Lady Gu, Sir Qianbei."

    Just then, Long Ling'er's voice chimed in outside the door and the door was then pushed open. A tender figure flashed into the room as she spoke, "The Clan Leader has requested for you to come to the altar in the rear mountains. I assume that he wants to give you the Dragon King's physical body. Eh? Lan Ge, you're here too?"

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