1605 Betrayal 3

    Long Ling'er was a little shocked to see Lan Ge here. She quickly walked up to him with a grin and her tender little face was full of smiles.

    Gu Ruoyun does not know why but she has the feeling that there was a difference in Long Ling'er's gaze as she looked at Lan Ge. Long Ling'er's expression seemed to be glowing with an inner light.

    Could it be that Long Ling'er has feelings for Lan Ge?

    Gu Ruoyun stroked her chin as she looked at the two again. However, she noticed that though Long Ling'ers clear and limpid eyes were filled with Lan Ge's figure, Lan Ge's gentle smile on his handsome features only carried indulgence, not sentiment.

    "Let's go, Xiao Ye."

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment before she calmly remarked.


    Qianbei Ye smiled gently and slowly walked towards Gu Ruoyun.

    The Dragon Clan.

    Countless members from the Dragon Clan surrounded the altar at the back of the mountain altar. Even the Dragon Clan youth who had secretly fallen for Gu Ruoyun was amongst them.

    Very soon, the two figures led by Long Ling'er approached the altar. When they arrived, a flurry of strong opposition exploded from within the crowd instantly.

    "Clan Leader, I object to handing over the Dragon King's body to her!"

    Long Xin then stepped out from the crowd with both arms behind his back. He lifted his chin slightly and looked incomparably arrogant.

    "Long Xin!" Long Yuan wrinkled his brows and retorted, "I've promised Lady Gu that if the Clan Leader awakens, he will be the one to make this decision. Now that the Clan Leader has agreed to lend the Ancient Dragon's body to Lady Gu, is our Dragon Clan going to go back on our word?"


    Long Xin laughed icily, "This Dragon Clan doesn't belong to the Clan Leader alone, it belongs to everyone as well! If Gu Ruoyun wants to take the Ancient Dragon's body, it's possible! However, she must get approval from everyone in the Dragon Clan. As long as one person disagrees, she would not be able to take the Ancient Dragon's body! If she has the ability, she should find a way to make each and every one of us agree to her doing!"

    "That's right, I agree with Elder Long Xin. The Ancient Dragon is our Dragon Clan's faith and he means the world to us. I won't let anyone take him away!"

    "Clan Leader, these humans cannot be trusted. Even though she had cured your ailment, who can guarantee that she was not the one who had poisoned you then pretended to be a good person and healed you? What if her objective was to take the Ancient Dragon's body away all along?"

    The elders who had ganged up with Long Xin to become traitors feverishly conveyed their opinions! They even made bogus accusations and pinned the crime of harming the Clan Leader onto Gu Ruoyun.

    The Clan Leader's expression grew increasingly ugly until his entire features resembled a dark, gloomy cloud.

    These people had forced him to reject Lan Ge's return many years ago, just like this!

    Back then, for the sake of the Dragon Clan, he had given in to their demands!

    Now, he would no longer let anyone lead him by the nose. Otherwise, he would do something that would cause him to hate himself and feel regret for the rest of his life.


    The Clan Leader bellowed, "As the Dragon Clan's Leader, this right still belongs to me. Lady Gu, don't worry. Since I've promised you, you may take this Ancient Dragon's body anytime you wish. No one can stop you!"

    As he spoke, his stern eyes turned towards Long Xin and the warning in his glare was very obvious.

    Long Xin laughed. His laughter was filled with disdain and ridicule.

    "Clan Leader, you may be the Dragon Clan's Leader but you are so biased towards an outsider. Can you justify this to the thousands of the citizens in the Dragon Clan? If these people insist on taking the Ancient Dragon away, they must first defeat us!"

    Once he had spoken, Long Xin stood in front of the Ancient Dragon's body in a flash and glared coldly at the Clan Leader.

    The Clan Leader raised a trembling finger and pointed angrily at Long Xin. "Long Xin, are you planning on harming the entire Dragon Clan?" he bellowed angrily.

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