1606 Betrayal 4

    "Clan Leader, the real person who has hurt the Dragon Clan is you!" Long Xin laughed icily. He then lifted his head to face the crowd of Dragon Clan citizens and spoke in a loud and clear voice, "Everyone, you should know that not too long ago, a powerful Pill Master had offered to help the Dragon Clan to solve our reproduction issues. However, the Clan Leader had rejected the Pill Master's offer! He was afraid that if the Dragon Clan were to produce too many offsprings, a genius would appear in every ten thousand births and this would threaten his position. Do you think that a Clan Leader like this should have the right to reign over the Dragon Clan?"

    Gu Ruoyun gently crossed her arms as she watched the scene unfold. Her eyes carried a calm grin.

    "Xiao Ye, I seem to have found the traitor."

    In the beginning, she had been worried about how they were going to catch the traitor in the Dragon Clan! She never expected the betrayer to jump out on his own accord after a few days as if he believed that other people would not be able to figure out that he was that spy.

    Suddenly, a figure as sharp as a sword charged towards Long Xin. Before the figure could reach Long Xin, he was flung out of the way by a single slap. His body flew off and landed with a thud. Fresh blood began to sputter from his mouth but he continued to glare angrily at Long Xin.

    "Long Yan!"

    Long Ling'er was shaken for a moment before she quickly rushed to Long Yan's side. Her eyes turned red as she sobbed, "Are you an idiot? Why did you try to give Elder Long Xin a surprise attack based on your powers?"

    It was likely that Long Ling'er never thought that Long Yan would be the first person to attack Long Xin at a time like this...

    "This *sshole! Cough, cough!" Long Yan coughed out another mouthful of fresh blood. His entire body was trembling with anger as he spoke, "He actually dared to slander the Clan Leader. The Clan Leader has always had the Dragon Clan's best interests in heart. If there really was an offer as good as that, he would never have rejected it. If the Clan Leader had rejected the offer, that proves that the Pill Master was not worth his trust! I won't allow anyone to besmirch the Clan Leader! Cough, cough!"

    Long Yan continued to cough out more blood and his complexion became extremely pale.

    "Idiot, you've overestimated yourself!" Long Xin laughed disdainfully as he swept his gaze across Long Yan's body.

    The way he spoke was as if he did not place any importance upon the latter at all.

    "Ling'er, take Long Yan away," Long Yuan then frowned as he stared icily towards Long Xin. " Long Xin, we owe the Clan Leader a great debt of gratitude. Why are you slandering him in this manner? Furthermore, are you not aware of the Clan Leader's personality? How could he ever turn his back on the Dragon Clan?"

    "Long Yuan, you're the Clan Leader's lackey!" Long Xin's eyes slowly turned towards Long Yuan. "The Clan Leader was clearly in the wrong yet you insist on standing on his side. You'll pay for your stupidity! If you're smart, you would choose to stand on my side. Perhaps you might even prevent your name from going down into infamy!"

    Long Yuan smiled indifferently, "I believe in the Clan Leader!"

    Almost half of the elders were already on Long Xin's side. There was still another half who were still on the fence but, in the end, they had chosen to trust the Clan Leader!

    "Hahaha, since you've decided to trust the Clan Leader, you'll regret it very soon!"

    Long Xin burst into laughter.

    As he was laughing, a Dragon Clan guard rushed and his expression was filled with terror, "Clan Leader, something bad has happened. A large group of humans has arrived in the Dragon Clan! They are fast approaching the Clan Leader's Palace!"

    "What?" The Clan Leader's face drained of color.

    Under most circumstances, humans could not enter the North Sea but these people have managed to infiltrate it. This immediately proved that there was a traitor in the Dragon Clan's midst...

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