1607 Betrayal 5

    The Clan Leader's expression changed from green to white and back again.

    "Long Xin, you've truly disappointed me. I thought that you had wanted to usurp my position as the Clan Leader at the very most but I never guessed that you would actually betray the Dragon Clan and grant entry to those humans!"

    How could he fail to understand Long Xin's words?

    It was only at this moment that the Clan Leader concluded that Long Xin was the traitor.

    Long Yan, who was in Long Ling'er's arms, stared at Long Xin with disbelief. His eyes were filled with disappointment and defeat.

    I had been wrong!

    I had been wrong to the point of absurdity!

    He has always believed that everyone in the Dragon Clan was kind and honest and that only humans were vicious and cunning.

    However, in the end, it was Gu Ruoyun, a human, who had saved the Dragon Clan's Leader and Long Xin, an elder of the Dragon Clan, who had betrayed the Dragon Clan...

    Long Yan opened his mouth. He felt the urge to curse out loud but realized that he felt a wave of weakness. His entire body collapsed onto Long Lin'er like soft cotton as his eyes filled with agony.

    If one's steadfast beliefs that they had held since birth was destroyed, one would feel agony too...

    "Traitor?" Long Xin laughed icily, "I don't think that I'm a traitor to the Dragon Clan. Everything I've done has been for the sake of the Dragon Clan. In contrast, as the Dragon Clan Leader, you've ignored the Dragon Clan's plight for your own self-benefit. Can you still blissfully ignore this?"

    Long Xin then paused before he laughed coldly.

    "Besides, let me tell you one thing, that Lord doesn't just have the ability to help solve our reproductive issues, he holds the Dragon King's soul in his hands. Hence, the Dragon King's physical body naturally belongs to him!"

    The Dragon King's spirit?

    Gu Ruoyun was shocked.

    The Dragon King's spirit is clearly in my hands, why does Long Xin claim that the other person also has the Dragon King's spirit?

    However, she could confirm that the Dragon King's spirit that she holds was genuine!

    Upon hearing Long Xin's claim, the elders who had been standing on the Clan Leader's side began to hesitate.

    "Long Xin, are you speaking the truth? Does the Dragon King recognize a human as his Master?"

    "The Dragon King is the faith of our Dragon Clan. Even though our Dragon Clan was only left with his body, we have always maintained our respect towards him! If the Dragon King really is in that man's hands and has recognized him, then he can indeed control our Dragon Clan!"

    The crowd's voices made the Clan Leader's expression turn increasingly ugly as he clenched his fists tightly.

    He never thought that Long Xin would raise such a fuss!

    If that person really has the Dragon King's spirit and received the Dragon King's approval, the Dragon Clan would certainly choose to stand on that person's side.

    "Clan Leader."

    Long Yuan sensed the Clan Leader's anxiety and gently patted him on the shoulder, "You had once said that that human seemed to be sinister and cunning and definitely does not have any intentions of kindness so I believe that the Dragon King would never recognize him. They are only trying to scare us!"

    When he heard this, the Clan Leader's heart let down a little bit of his anxiety but the crease in his brows grew even tighter.

    "Xiao Ye," Gu Ruoyun turned towards the man by her side and asked, "How many Dragon Kings are there?"

    "There is only one!" A light flashed across Qianbei Ye's eyes, "That Dragon King is now residing within the Nine Emperors' body so he can't possibly have appeared in front of anyone else! This also proves that the Dragon King in the opposition's hand is fake!"

    "Even a Dragon King can be faked?"

    Gu Ruoyun was a little shocked as if she did not think that the Dragon King could be impersonated!

    Qianbei Ye chuckled gently and pulled Gu Ruoyun into his arms, "Yun'er, you must know that there is nothing too bizarre in this world. It is not impossible to craft an imposter Dragon King..."

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