1608 Betrayal 6

    As soon as Qianbei Ye had finished speaking, they saw a group of human cultivators flying at top speed in the sky towards them. These humans carry powerful energy within their bodies. It was obvious that their abilities were not to be looked down upon.

    Especially the one who was wrapped in darkness leading them. His power was even greater.

    Ninth Transformation?

    Gu Ruoyun turned her gaze around and she curled her lips into a small smile, "Aside from the Three Great Forces in the Dark Earth Realm, are there other Ninth Transformation cultivators?"

    Based on the aura from that man's body, Gu Ruoyun could conclude that he had originated from the Dark Earth Realm!


    Qianbei Ye nodded, "Some cultivators like to live in seclusion from the world and cannot abide to be discovered. Hence, many believe that Ninth Transformation cultivators can only be found within the Three Great Forces. However, there are quite a number of Ninth Transformation cultivators in the Dark Earth Realm, some are old monsters who have lived for ten thousand years!"

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent.

    Previously, she had believed that she would be able to stand firm on the mainland once she had broken through to the Refined State. However, she never thought that there would be so many Ninth Transformation cultivators in this world. A Refined State cultivator's power was nothing compared to a Ninth Transformation cultivator...

    "Clan Leader!"

    Long Yuan's heart pumped furiously and his eyes filled with cautiousness as he glared icily at the humans who had descended from the sky. Both his fists on the side of his body were tightened into a firm grip.

    "Lord Murong!"

    Long Xin's heart leaped and he walked towards the man who was shrouded in darkness.

    Up until now, Gu Ruoyun had not been able to get a clear view of the man's features...

    The man ignored the Long Xin's friendly greeting and slowly walked towards the Clan Leader. His voice was dark and gloomy and the power from his body was so oppressive that it caused others to feel suffocated.

    "Clan Leader, we meet again. I wonder if you've reconsidered the matter? Honestly, in contrast to Long Xin, I admire you even more. If you agree to serve me, you can still maintain your position of being the Dragon Clan's Leader and I won't treat you unkindly either."

    The Clan Leader laughed icily, "Murong Xiao, I don't know what uses you have for the Dragon Clan but I will never let you exploit us! The Dragon Clan will never fall into the hands of someone like you. If you want me to serve you, you are certainly dreaming!"

    The Clan Leader had kept his head raised the entire time he was speaking as if he refused to lower his head in front of someone like that.

    Even if he was defeated, he would still maintain his pride as the Dragon Clan's Leader!


    Murong Xiao chuckled softly and his smile caused the air to become even more suffocating. The crowd could not speak.

    "Clan Leader, being too proud sometimes brings one no benefits! One should be humble at the right moment and they might even survive. Long Xin has done pretty well in this!"

    Originally, having his name mentioned by Murong Xiao would have been a happy matter but the obvious disdain in the latter's voice caused the expression on Long Xin's elderly face to freeze. The atmosphere then became extremely awkward again.

    Long Xin's heart was feeling quite unsatisfied. Aside from the fact that his power was not as great as the Clan Leader's, how else was he inferior in any way? Especially when it comes to the ability to make discerning judgments. The Clan Leader would never be any better than him in this aspect.

    "I apologize, I can't find the will to be humble to people like you!" The Clan Leader's face was full of pride and he stared icily at Murong Xiao, "What's your purpose in taking over the Dragon Clan?"

    Murong Xiao chuckled softly and the corners of his lips curled into a mocking angle.

    "To help the Dragon Clan."


    The Clan Leader burst into laughter as if he has just heard a hilarious joke. A deep sense of mockery emanated from his eyes.

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