1609 Betrayal 7

    "Do you really think I would believe these bogus stories of yours? Murong Xiao, I may not know what you plan to do but I know that the Dragon Clan must not fall into the hands of someone as sinister and cunning as you! Otherwise, the Dragon Clan will be damned to eternal damnation!"

    It was immediately clear to him that this person does not have good intentions. Otherwise, why does he hide his face? Hence, as long as the Clan Leader was alive, he would never allow anyone to covet the Dragon Clan.

    "There are some matters which are beyond your control." Murong Xiao chuckled softly and lifted his head to look at the remaining citizens of the Dragon Clan. His gloomy and eerie voice slowly rang out, "Long Xing should have told you about my intentions. Now, let me reassert myself. Follow me and I will ensure that the Dragon Clan will never be marred by your reproductive issues again!"

    The crowd looked at each other, confused.

    Long Yan instantly panicked at the sight of this and cried out anxiously, "You can't listen to this fellow, he doesn't have good intentions! You must trust the Clan Leader, the Clan Leader would never hurt us!"


    The area around the entire altar was silent!

    The crowd did not seem to hear Long Yan's anxious roars as they continued to maintain their deep thoughts.

    Murong Xiao laughed complacently. He already expects this conclusion!

    To the Dragon Clan, their largest problem was their low birth rate. Hence, he has the guarantee that these Dragon Clan citizens would not be able to reject him after hearing this offer...

    It does not matter that he does not have the ability to solve this problem! It was not that hard to trick these naive dragons!

    That was right!

    Murong Xiao does not have the ability to solve the Dragon Clan's reproductive problems. Long Xin had chosen to trust him because of Murong Xiao's Ninth Transformation powers!

    The Dragon Clan's most powerful Clan Leader was only at the late stage of the Refined State. If Murong Xiao really wants to attack the Dragon Clan, he would not need to entice them with benefits. He could simply use military force! However, he had poisoned the Clan Leader first and did not kill him outright because he wanted to make the Clan Leader yield!

    Nevertheless, there was one thing Long Xin had not accounted for.

    Not every citizen of the Dragon Clan would fear great power. They have the spirit known as 'better to die in glory than to live in dishonor'!

    Murong Xiao wanted the Dragon Clan and alive! This was the reason he had decided to tempt them rather than to wage war on them!

    The Clan Leader's expression was now exceedingly ugly. He turned his stern glare at Long Xin who was hidden behind Murong Xiao. Based on his point of view, if Long Xin had not brought these human cultivators into the North Sea, Murong Xiao could never have entered their territory!

    "Long Xin, you have betrayed the Dragon Clan. You will definitely suffer a painful death!"

    Long Yuan does not have the Clan Leader's tolerant nature. He was instantly enraged as he glared fiercely at Long Xin. His glare was like a knife, plunging deep into his opponent's bone to the marrow.

    "Long Yuan, you will regret not standing on our side. Lord Murong's power is very great, you're certainly no match for him!" Long Xin laughed coldly as he replied in a disdainful voice.

    Long Yuan was so angry that he could not speak. His eyes were filled with rage while his entire body trembled with fury.

    "I'll give you one last chance, will you choose to serve me or die by my hand?"

    Murong Xiao gently raised his head and spoke in a cold and eerie voice.

    "You should know the consequences of refusing me. Besides, don't you want to give birth to the Dragon Clan's next generation? I dare to guarantee that only I alone can solve the Dragon Clan's ailment. If you miss out on this chance, no one else can help you."

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