Chapter 2: Shameless Man (2)

    Chapter 2: Shameless Man (2)

    Xia Ruoyun's body began to tremble. She opened her eyes wide, staring dead-on at the man before her with hatred: "Xia Ming, you're shameless!"

    "Shameless?" Xia Ming laughed loudly, "The winner takes all! You have only yourself to blame for everything that has happened, and it was you who dragged your mother into this! So the one who really killed her, was you!"

    The one who really killed her, was you-


    Suddenly, Xia Ruoyun burst into laughter; that wild laughter, full of insanity, echoed around the entire mountain without a break.

    "Xia Ming, you shameless bastard! I'll drag you down to hell to apologise to my mother right now! Just die with me now!"

    An imposing aura began rising from her body, causing the whole sky to turn overcast and cold.

    "That's bad!"

    Xia Ming's expression changed, and he said hastily: "She wants to explode herself!"

    Xia Ruoyun was the number one talent in the Xia family who had reached the martial senior class at a young age. When he had launched a sneak attack on her, he would not have severely injured her if he had not used the ultimate technique of the Yun family.

    Even so, the explosion of a severely injured martial senior would be enough to drag all the people here into hell!


    The muffled sound of something piercing a chest rang out in the quiet and secluded valley.

    Xia Ruoyun's body stiffened, lowering her head to look at the sword that had come from behind, then turning her head in disbelief. Her gaze fell on the distinct lines of that handsome face: "Lu Chen, you..."

    She had known earlier that Lu Chen had come.

    But because it was Lu Chen, she had let down her guard.

    Who would have thought, that the man she trusted the most, would want to kill her.


    Power burst out from her body and in an instant, the sword in her chest faded into bits and pieces. She clutched the endlessly bleeding wound, gaze filled with pain, not understanding.

    "Why do you want to..."

    Kill me?

    The last two words were stuck in her throat, unable to come out.

    A trace of guilt and sadness passed between Lu Chen's brows, but it disappeared in the next instant.

    "Yun'er, I'm sorry. I'm a man with great ambitions. Although you're in my heart and my most beloved, Chuxue is the reincarnation of the ancient phoenix Zixie, and the real owner of the Ancient Divine Pagoda! She's the only one who can become the strongest power on this mainland once she gets the Ancient Divine Pagoda! Only by marrying her, will I be able to have the entire world in my hands, so, I have my own problems..."

    Xia Ruoyun's face was pale to the point of fright, not daring to believe that the person who had sworn his love for her, would draw his sword against her in this instant.

    Suddenly, she seemed to have remembered something, and rushed crazily at Lu Chen.

    "Where's Yu'er? I entrusted Yu'er to you, what have you done to him!"

    Xia Ruoyun seized Lu Chen's collar tightly, shouting crazily without caring about the pain in her body.

    Her mother was dead, her maternal grandfather's family had been killed, her little brother was the only kin she had left! Because of her trust in Lu Chen, and not wanting to drag her brother into danger, she had entrusted her brother to Lu Chen to protect.

    But now...

    Xia Ruoyun's body trembled, dread showing on that pale face, causing a twinge of pain in Lu Chen's heart.

    However, he quickly hardened his heart and said: "Bring out Xia Linyu!"

    After a long while.

    A half-dead young boy was brought over in someone's hands, his frail body looking extremely delicate in the strong winds, as if he would be carried away by the winds at any time...
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