Chapter 34: Shameless Weapon Refining Sect (3)

    Chapter 34: Shameless Weapon Refining Sect (3)

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    General Luo could not resist clapping, laughing as he said: "Gu Ruoyun, I didn't want to allow you and Luo Yin to maintain contact at first, firstly because you're from the Gu family, and I was worried that Old Man Gu would try something against my daughter. Secondly, it was because you were too weak and cowardly, and I, Luo Hongtian, have always admired those who have courage and spirit! Not long ago, I heard people saying that your cowardliness was just a pretence, and I didn't believe it at first, but now I've seen that the rumours were indeed true. Not having any talent by birth is something you can't control, but character is something you can, so if you ever leave the Gu family one day, you're welcome to be a guest in my Luo family!"

    Gu family? Weapon Refining Sect? He did not even need to consider them.

    He has always been this fearless, so why would he fear the Weapon Refining Sect?

    Moreover, Gu Ruoyun's words were very much to his liking.

    With this kind of family, there was no difference between having them or not.

    Hun Fei's expression sunk, he gazed darkly at General Luo, but said nothing.

    But Old Man Gu did not avoid the touchy topic and sneered: "Luo Hongtian, this is my Gu family's business, it has nothing to do with you! You're an outsider, so you're not qualified to comment on this matter! Since this girl's parents have been dead since she was little, then I'm the one who has the right to make decisions for her! Elder Hun Fei, from now onwards, Gu Ruoyun belongs to your Weapon Refining Sect, whether you want to kill her or punish her, it's all at your liberty."

    Hearing so, Hun Fei nodded in satisfaction.

    The Gu family was more sensible.

    Seeing that General Luo wanted to speak up on her behalf again, Gu Ruoyun smiled, stopping him from speaking: "General Luo, I'll accept your good intentions, but this time, the opponents are the Gu family and the Weapon Refining Sect. I don't want to see your Luo family facing any repercussions from this, so you don't have to bother with this matter anymore. However, I, Gu Ruoyun, will always remember your great kindness today."

    A person who flatters you when you are successful may not really mean it, but if someone speaks up for you in front of powerful enemies while you are a good-for-nothing, then he must be sincere.

    So, she will remember General Luo's kindness in her heart forever.

    "No matter how many times you say it, my answer is still the same, I will never join the Weapon Refining Sect!"

    Gu Ruoyun slowly looked up, the smile in her eyes slowly fading away, as she gazed straight into Hun Fei's gloomy old face.


    Hun Fei harrumphed: "Since you won't see sense, don't blame me for not being courteous!"

    Having said that, his body flashed, and quickly arrived in front of Gu Ruoyun. Just as the Qi on his hand was about to fall onGu Ruoyun, a loud crash sounded and the ground shook a few times.

    "This... What's going on?"

    Hun Fei was forced to retreat a few steps, frowning, he asked: "That wave seemed like it came from the formation, did something happen to the formation?"

    From start to end, the Weapon Refining Sect's eldest miss, Shiyun, did not say a single word. Only after this wave, did she look towards the center of the formation, and with this one look, she was rooted to the spot...

    The formation exploded right under everyone's eyes, fizzling into tiny spots of light that fell onto the hair of that devilishly handsome man.

    They had never seen beauty to such a degree in a man before; beauty that could make all living creatures obey him, beauty that could make cities and kingdoms fall. Even these phrases did not seem enough to describe the breathtaking beauty that this man brought. It was as if the ground was covered in red spider lilies, and he was stepping within that field of lilies, his red robe lightly floating, silver hair flying; even heaven would not have such an absolutely beautiful scene.
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