Chapter 36: Shameless Weapon Refining Sect (5)

    Chapter 36: Shameless Weapon Refining Sect (5)

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    At this moment, Old Man Gu's face was extremely ugly, his eyes were spitting out flames of anger.

    Some of the officials who had always been at heads with him simply stood back and watched. After all, they were very clear on how Old Man Gu handled things in Azure Dragon Country. If he had not placed so much importance on position and influence, he would not chase away his own granddaughter.

    "Hahaha!" General Luo laughed out loud, "Old Man Gu, did you hear that? Your granddaughter has already abandoned the Gu family, so, you no longer have any right to dictate her life."

    Saying this, his eyes held a trace of mockery. He sneered as he watched Old Man Gu's face slowly turn green.

    General Luo had a feeling that Old Man Gu would come to regret all of his actions someday....

    "Gu Ruoyun!" Old Man Gu had to take a deep breath before he managed to suppress his impulse to kill someone, "You were born as a member of my Gu family, and in death, you will be a ghost of my Gu family! I will never let you leave the Gu family."

    Gu Ruoyun raised her eyes to look at Old Man Gu, many emotions were held within that one gaze.

    Ridicule, indifference, and... disapproval.

    It was as if the Gu family was already nothing within those clear eyes.

    "Oh?" She smiled. That smile was beautiful enough to make hearts tremble. "Gu Yifeng, then from now on, I will announce that I'm leaving your Gu family! From now on, other than Gu Shengxiao, the lives and deaths of the Gu family have nothing to do with me! From my birth up to now, your Gu family has never cared for me in the slightest, so why should I stay? Let's go!"

    Throwing out these words, she took the silver-haired man's hand, and walked forward through the crowd.

    Old Man Gu almost burst a lung in anger, he looked coldly at Gu Ruoyun's disappearing back, shouting: "Stop right there!"

    As if she had not heard his words, Gu Ruoyun continued to quickly lead the silver-haired man away, not even turning back to take a glance at Old Man Gu.

    "What are you freezing there for? Stop this absurd woman at once!" Old Man Gu raged loudly, his eyes glaring fiercely at Gu Ruoyun, as if the other was the killer of his children.

    Everyone scattered away from Gu Ruoyun, and at that moment, the girl paused her steps, her long tresses flowing in the gentle breeze.

    "I'd like to see who dares to stop me?"

    Her expression was domineering, like a sharpened blade sweeping across the guards surrounded her.

    I'd like to see who dares to stop me?

    The crowd was stunned for a moment, even forgetting to react any further.

    Was this girl really the good-for-nothing eldest miss of the Gu family? When did she start carrying such a fearsome aura...

    It was only after her figure was completely gone, that the crowd regained their senses. They couldn't believe that the girl before their eyes was the same Gu Ruoyun that they had known before!

    "The eldest miss that was originally known as good-for-nothing has really changed..."

    That domineering kingly aura, they were afraid that even the emperor could not match up to it.

    "Old Man Gu, all of us have now seen how much Gu Ruoyun has changed. Don't tell me you don't realize that. I even dare to guarantee that you will definitely regret today's actions in the future. Hahaha! Yin-er, let's go."

    General Luo laughed loudly, and while completely ignoring Old Man Gu's livid expression, soon disappeared from everyone's eyes...

    Old Man Gu clenched his fists, sneering again and again: "I'll regret? I bet the one who will be regretting when the time comes will be Gu Ruoyun! She rejected the Weapon Refining Sect's invitation, and left the Gu family. When the time comes, it'll be too late for her to regret. With her current strength, we'll see if she can continue to live on this mainland! You just wait and see!"
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