Chapter 37: Shiyuns Jealousy (1)

    Chapter 37: Shiyun's Jealousy (1)

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    On the busy streets of Azure Dragon Country, Gu Ruoyun paused her steps and turned to face the man following closely behind her to say: "I don't know who you are, so you don't have to follow me. I'm already troubled enough with the situation right now. Bringing you along will only cause more trouble for me."

    Not to mention, she had too many enemies. If she brought him along, he would be dragged into danger.

    The silver-haired man pouted, like an abandoned kitten, he looked pitifully at Gu Ruoyun: "But I just want to follow you."

    "There are a lot of people trying to kill me, aren't you afraid of being killed by following along with me?"

    "I won't let them kill you!"

    At that moment, Gu Ruoyun clearly felt the silver-haired man gathering power, his body letting out a foreboding aura. However, when she turned to frown at the man, all she saw was a pair of pitifully aggrieved eyes- as if what she had seen just now was nothing but an illusion...

    "Since you've already decided, then just come with me. Right, what's your name?"

    For some reason, at that moment, her heart had softened, as if there was something leading her, making her unable to harden her heart and chase this man away.

    That feeling was very strange. Whether in her previous life or her current one, she had never sympathised with anyone before.

    "Qianbei Ye, I think I remember that my name is Qianbei Ye. I can't remember anything else."

    Qianbei Ye?

    Gu Ruoyun froze for a moment, "An ancient family name like Qianbei is really rare, are you sure you don't remember anything else?"

    Hearing this, Qianbei Ye frowned painfully. A few scenes flashed through his mind, but they moved so fast that he couldn't grasp what they held.

    Just as he was about to continue trying to recall his memories, a force suddenly crashed into his mind. Intense pain- as if an explosion had gone off- flared up in his head.

    "I can't remember anything else except for this name, Qianbei Ye."

    Gu Ruoyun sighed once, looks like this man really had amnesia.

    "A seal, I feel that my memories have been sealed." Qianbei Ye's wrinkled brow relaxed as he said with certainty.

    "Sealed?" Gu Ruoyun frowned slightly, "Maybe we'll find out what kind of seal is dwelling in your body and who sealed you after Zixie wakes up."

    Zixie had been asleep for quite some time, who knew when he would be able to wake up...

    "Xiao Yun, where are we going now?" Qianbei Ye's gaze landed on Gu Ruoyun. That exceedingly beautiful face paired with an absolutely harmless expression would attract anyone alive.

    Within an instant, the girls on the main street all looked over at him. Upon seeing that the one standing next to him was the Gu family's good-for-nothing eldest miss, they let out an expression as if they had just seen fresh flowers stuck on cow dung.

    With this kind of alluring beauty, no matter what, the one standing by his side shouldn't be a good-for-nothing like that.

    "Off to Hundred Herb Hall!"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her gaze, letting out a carefree smile from the corners of her lips. Starting now, her forces were slowly being built up.


    The Ling family home.

    Ling Xi ignored the people following behind him and rushed in with large strides. He ran into the study, panting, out of breath, and took in a few gulps of air.

    "Grandfather, that good-for-nothing Gu Ruoyun didn't die!"


    Ling Yi's hands stiffened, raising his head to look at his grandson, he furrowed his brows: "You mean, Gu Ruoyun is still alive? How could this be? I saw her fall down that cliff with my own eyes!"
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