Chapter 44: Dongfang Shaozes Revenge (3)

    Chapter 44: Dongfang Shaoze's Revenge (3)

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    "Shut up!"

    Second Master Gu slapped Gu Panpan on the face and roared angrily: "Don't you think you have caused enough trouble already? What kind of people are the Dongfangs? And they're someone we can afford to offend? He came looking for trouble, and you even said those words, you've brought disaster upon my Gu family!"

    When had Gu Panpan ever been hit by anyone since she was born? Moreover, the one who had just hit her was her very own father, who had always pampered her.

    "Husband, Panpan is your daughter, how could you treat her like this?" Second Madam held Gu Panpan in her arms, her heart aching, "If he wants to find Gu Ruoyun, can't we just give her to him? Anyway our Gu family doesn't want to raise a good-for-nothing like that, anyone who wants her can have her."

    Second Master Gu smiled wryly, how could this matter be so simple? Gu Ruoyun's personality had become so stubborn, how would she obediently follow them to meet Dongfang Shaoze?

    Moreover, Dongfang Shaoze wanted her intact without a single hair strand missing, they couldn't touch her no matter what, otherwise if she accused them of anything, the Gu family would find themselves in serious trouble.

    Finally, Old Man Gu recovered his senses, and ordered: "Men, go out and listen for any news of Gu Ruoyun!"

    "Yes, General."

    The Gu family was a relatively large power in Azure Dragon Country and had many eyes around, so after a moment, the spy sent out to look for Gu Ruoyun's whereabouts had come back with news...

    "You said Gu Ruoyun entered Hundred Herb Hall and hasn't come out?"

    Old Man Gu's eyes turned in thought, and he said: "Although the backer behind Hundred Herb Hall is strong, we don't know who the real owner is, but the Dongfang family is a very real threat. We can only send people to Hundred Herb Hal to invite Gu Ruoyun back so that we don't offend the Dongfang family."

    "Father, let me take care of this matter."

    "Very well."

    The old man looked at his son, then nodded slightly: "Then go ahead, no matter what, you must bring Gu Ruoyun back!"

    "Dad, Grandfather, I want to go too."

    Gu Panpan stood up hurriedly, her gaze mildly resentful.

    It was all because of that damn good-for-nothing Gu Ruoyun! If it weren't for her, how would she have gotten beaten by her father? If she still wanted to return to the Gu family at this time, she should stop thinking such wild thoughts, Gu Panpan definitely would not let that woman return!

    It was obvious that Gu Panpan thought Dongfang Shaoze was someone that Gu Ruoyun had hired to get her own father to invite her back personally...

    "You're not allowed to go!" Old Man Gu frowned, "Do you think you haven't caused enough trouble? This time, you're not allowed to follow your father out. Stay at home obediently, you're not allowed to go anywhere!"

    "Grandfather!" Gu Panpan stamped her foot fiercely, biting her lip in resentment.

    However, Old Man Gu did not care for her mood, and waved his hand at Second Master, saying: "It's getting late, go quickly, lest the Dongfang family come back to cause more trouble."

    The pair of father and son were thinking rather simply. They thought that no matter what, since Second Master Gu was Gu Ruoyun's uncle and was personally going there to bring her back, Gu Ruoyun would come running back and even feel grateful.

    But it was very obvious that things would not go as they planned...

    At this moment, within Hundred Herb Hall, Second Master Gu was smiling as he said: "Shopkeeper Zhao, just help us pass along the message and let us meet with Gu Ruoyun."

    "I've already said it many times, Gu Ruoyun is not in our Hundred Herb Hall, please go back."
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