Chapter 45: Dongfang Shaozes Revenge (4)

    Chapter 45: Dongfang Shaoze's Revenge (4)

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    Shopkeeper Zhao did not even lift his eyes, he only kept himself busy with the account books in his hands.

    "Shopkeeper Zhao, I'm Gu Ruoyun's second uncle, why won't you allow me to meet her? As powerful as your Hundred Herb Hall is, you can't just kidnap good citizens just like that!" Second Master Gu's expression turned ugly as his tone turned even stronger.

    Hearing so, Shopkeeper Zhao put down the books in his hands and sneered as he looked towards Second Master Gu: "You're her second uncle? Then how did I hear that all of you have already chased her out of the Gu family at the imperial palace? You even told her not to regret it! Judging by the current situation, your Gu Family is the one regretting losing her, isn't it? You're even insulting our Hundred Herb Hall! Our Hundred Herb Hall will never kidnap anyone no matter what! So please leave, the person you want isn't here."

    Business was booming at Hundred Herb Hall, so there were many people buying herbs in the hall today.

    After hearing the conversation between the two, many gazes shot towards Second Master Gu.

    Wasn't it General Gu who had told Gu Ruoyun not to regret leaving the Gu family! What was happening now? Was it really like Shopkeeper Zhao had said, that the Gu family was regretting their decision?

    Second Master Gu turned green, then red: "Shopkeeper Zhao, are you really not going to release her? Gu Ruoyun's name is still on my Gu family's register, she has not officially left the Gu family and is still one of our Gu family! You're being unreasonable for keeping her!"

    Hearing so, the guests in Hundred Herb Hall were in awe.

    They had seen shameless people before, but they had never seen anyone this shameless.

    They were the ones who had spread that Gu Ruoyun was thrown out of the Gu family, but now they were saying that Gu Ruoyun had never left the Gu family. Did these people have even a shred of dignity left?

    "Since Second Master Gu isn't willing to leave, then please make yourself comfortable. I did not kidnap Gu Ruoyun, and I don't have anyone to hand over to you."

    Saying so, Shopkeeper Zhao lowered his head to continue looking at the accounts, not giving a second look to the black-faced Second Master Gu.

    Are you joking? The young master had already ordered that no one from the Gu family was allowed to meet with Gu Ruoyun! Did they dare to disobey? However, this guy was way too shameless, he even dared to claim that they had kidnapped the eldest miss...

    The young master had given Hundred Herb Hall to the eldest miss, he wouldn't dare to do such a thing even if he were 100 times more daring.

    They were clearly trying to trap him by accusing him of crime.

    Thinking of this, the hate towards Second Master Gu in Shopkeeper Zhao's heart increased.

    However, this was Second Master Gu's unexpected misfortune, he could not know that a single sentence would cause Shopkeeper Zhao to start hating him...

    Seeing that pleading Shopkeeper Zhao had come to no avail, Second Master Gu gathered up the resolve in his heart and shouted: "Gu Ruoyun, I know you're here, come out now! Don't think that you don't have to obey your uncle just because you've curried favour with Hundred Herb Hall! Don't forget, the Gu family's blood runs in your veins! You were born a member of the Gu family, and even in death, your soul belongs to the Gu family! Even if your grandfather made a mistake, can't you forgive him because he's old? The Gu family will be in trouble if you don't come out, and you'll be condemned through the ages! It'll be too late no matter how much you regret it when the time comes!"

    Shopkeeper Zhao wasn't able to react in time, he couldn't imagine that Second Master Gu would do something like this. After regaining his sense, his whole face paled and he shouted: "Men! Chase him out right now!"

    It was over, he hoped that Second Master Gu's action hadn't startled the eldest miss, otherwise the young master would never forgive them!

    After a moment, two brawny men walked in from within Hundred Herb Hall. They picked up Second Master Gu and threw him out into the streets under the stares of the crowd, drawing the eyes of passersby...
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