Chapter 48: Becoming Infamous in History? (3)

    Chapter 48: Becoming Infamous in History? (3)

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    "So you want to let your eldest miss absorb my spiritual force? Like you've done to others?" Gu Ruoyun looked towards Hun Fei with a face full of smiles. Her eyes were filled with humour, "So my observations were right. Shiyun is cultivating a sinister art. She needs to absorb spiritual force from others in order to extend her life or increase her power."

    General Luo gaped in astonishment. The Weapon Refining Sect's eldest miss was actually doing such evil deeds to increase her power? He had never heard of something like that before!


    Hun Fei wasn't bothered at all that Gu Ruoyun had seen through them. He laughed in ridicule: "Eldest Miss is our Weapon Refining Sect's greatest genius and the hope of the entire mainland! Eldest Miss may be the only one on this entire mainland who's capable of defeating the demons! No matter how many people we have to sacrifice, it's for the sake of the mainland so they should have sacrificed themselves anyway! Furthermore, they had all volunteered themselves. Gu Ruoyun, if you continue living, you'd only be wasting the resources of this mainland. Why not make a sacrifice for the whole mainland? Not everyone has the qualifications to become a sacrifice for the greater good. If not for my Weapon Refining Sect, you wouldn't have the chance to leave your mark on history."

    The meaning implied in his words was that Gu Ruoyun needed to be grateful for the chance he had given her to become a martyr for the mainland, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to have such a chance at all.

    "Since you've put it that way, then if someone wants to kill you in the future, you have to be grateful to him as well. Grateful that he got rid of a scourge of the mainland. Otherwise, who knows how many more innocents would have died in the hands of your Weapon Refining Sect? Oh, wait, maybe everyone on this mainland would be grateful to him by then."


    An enraged aura suddenly burst out from Hun Fei's body, and he stared at Gu Ruoyun with cold eyes. He said word by word, "Gu Ruoyun, how dare you! You're just a good-for-nothing. If your spiritual force helps heal our eldest miss or even helps her breakthrough, then you would actually have contributed something to this mainland. However, you refused to appreciate this opportunity and you even dared to spout such drivel! You're just determined to become infamous in history! If you insist on doing so, then you must suffer the condemnation of all. When the mainland is destroyed, you'll become the chief culprit! When that time comes, everyone will treat you like an enemy. Your kin and descendants will be ashamed of you! Is that what you want?"

    "Haha!" Gu Ruoyun laughed out loud. A trace of mockery hung on the corner of her lips as she said, "Could it be, that in your eyes, it's only natural that all the people on this earth should become sacrifices for the sake of your Weapon Refining Sect? And those who refuse to comply are enemies of the world?"

    "Of course!" Hun Fei raised his head proudly and sneered, "Our Weapon Refining Sect holds the responsibility of fighting against the demons, for the sake of the peace of the mainland. The mainland will only be able to survive if we are strong. Your sacrifices won't be in vain."

    Even as someone who had lived two lives, it was only Gu Ruoyun's second time meeting someone this shameless. Of course, the very first one was her father from her previous life. These two were nearly matched in the extent of their shamelessness, it was such a pity that they couldn't become sworn brothers.

    "That..." Gu Ruoyun paused for a moment before smiling as she spoke, "Why do I have to sacrifice my life for the mainland? Do I owe them anything? I've never taken pleasure in helping others. I only know that I must do whatever is beneficial to myself. So what if everyone on this earth dies? It's fine as long as the people I care about survive."

    Hun Fei's expression had been warped beyond recognition by his rage.

    He had thought that this would be an easy task. There weren't many chances to make your mark on the annals of history, so she should be eager to take the opportunity. What was wrong with sacrificing yourself for the greater good? He felt that this woman was not only a good-for-nothing, but an idiot as well!
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