Chapter 66: Competition and Reversal (8)

    Chapter 66: Competition and Reversal (8)

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    Under the morning sun, the young girl's face carried a thin smile. In the light breeze, that head of black tresses slowly fluttered. A slight curve could be seen at the corner of her lips, and those eyes that were as clear as freshwater, landed on the young man before her.

    "Since you've already acknowledged your words, please don't act dumb later on. Otherwise, your Ling family won't have the face to continue living in Azure Dragon Country."

    "Haha!" Ling Xi laughed out loud before saying coldly: "Gu Ruoyun, I can't wait for you to lose Hundred Herb Hall to me. When the time comes, even if I don't make things difficult for you, the owner of Hundred Herb Hall won't forgive you."

    By that time, there would be no safe shelter for her anywhere on the entire mainland.

    Hearing that, Shopkeeper Zhao rolled his eyes, completely speechless.

    The owner of Hundred Herb Hall? Wasn't it currently Gu Ruoyun? She was going to make things difficult for herself? Was this fellow braindead or something?

    Only Luo Yin was a little worried, she looked towards Gu Ruoyun nervously: "Gu Ruoyun, will you be okay?"

    "Luo Yin, wait for me at one side."

    Having said so, Gu Ruoyun raised her head and looked at Ling Xi, saying: "Ling Xi, can we start now?"

    "Wait a moment!" Ling Xi swept his gaze over Gu Ruoyun coldly, "For the sake of preventing anyone from cheating, I've specially invited people from the Weapon Refining Sect to be the referee! Miss Shiyun, Elder Hunfei, please!"


    He had just finished speaking when white clothes floated down from the sky, an enticing fragrance mixed in with the slight breeze.

    The girl's black tresses were flying upwards and her white clothes were floating. She looked like an exceedingly beautiful fairy. The crowd became unconsciously stunned from the breathtaking sight. They had never seen such a fairy-like girl before, as if she was untainted by earthly matters, as if taking just one more glance at her was blasphemy.

    Shiyun's gaze swept across the crowd, and upon discovering that the person she had been looking for wasn't around, she frowned unconsciously.

    "Flying in midair?" Gu Ruoyun's pupils contracted, "No! Flying in midair is an ability that only martial emperors have! Her strength hasn't reached that degree yet, so she's learned a secret technique for flying!"

    Right at this moment, Hunfei led the Weapon Refining Sect's men towards the front of the crowd. His gaze locked onto Gu Ruoyun in the next instant, and with a bang, a ruthless aura spread around his body, carrying a malicious and sinister air.

    "Gu Ruoyun, I'll settle your debts with the Weapon Refining Sect after this. Right now, this old man is here to host this competition between you and the Ling family's little young master! Furthermore, since accidents happen... both parties have to sign a life-and-death contract! Life and death are governed by fate, no one is to interfere with the result of this competition!"

    Life and death are governed by fate!

    Everyone had only heard that they were going to duel, but they hadn't heard that it was going to be to the death. Once the contract was signed, the duel would only end when one of them died, unless the winner was overflowing with sympathy and let their opponent live.

    If not, even if the other party surrendered, they could not end the match.

    It looks like this time, the Ling family was set on killing Gu Ruoyun...

    "Gu Ruoyun!"

    Luo Yin turned pale with fright, shouting involuntarily: "You can't sign the life-or-death contract! You absolutely cannot!"

    "Sign it, just sign it! Gu Ruoyun, the existence of a good-for-nothing will only bring shame to the Gu family, just die and put an end to it!"

    Within the crowd, Gu Panpan watched Gu Ruoyun sinisterly, the words in her heart bubbling with hatred.

    If it weren't for Gu Ruoyun, she wouldn't have been blamed by her father, and her mother wouldn't have come so close to being abandoned!

    It was all due to this little bitch!

    She should have died earlier! For someone like her who was filled to the brim with evil, who refused to acknowledge her kin; if Ling Xi were to kill her, it would only be doing a service to the mainland!
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