Chapter 68: Im a Good Person (1)

    Chapter 68: I'm a Good Person (1)

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    At this moment, everyone could feel Ling Xi's power increasing.

    Gu Ruoyun raised her head to look at Ling Xi before her, and a hidden light flashed in her eyes.

    From the start of the battle, she had felt that Ling Xi's cultivation was like a facade. Even though he was an early stage martial warrior, his true strength was only somewhere around Qi level 7!

    However, didn't the person who gave him this cultivation method tell him that he couldn't use his unique skill? Even though the skill he was using now could push his strength up to a true martial warrior, he would never ever be able to cultivate again.

    That is, he had used up his entire lifetime's cultivation to temporarily increase his strength...

    "Haha!" Ling Xi burst into wild laughter, and his gaze was gloomy and malicious, "Since you've had the guts to sign the life-and-death contract, then it means you're already prepared to die. I'll send you off to see your parents right now, you should even thank me for that."

    Having said so, with a flash of his sword, Ling Xi's figure was already in front of Gu Ruoyun.

    His face carried a malevolent smile, and he brandished the sword in his hands like a devil as he aimed at her. As if he wanted to cut off her head with one strike.


    Gu Ruoyun picked up a wooden rod from the side to block his attacks. In an instant, waves of power fluctuated from their bodies, forming a ripple of light that destroyed the junk in the surroundings and even caused the ground to tremble.


    Fresh red blood flowed from Gu Ruoyun's hand where she had been struck, forming a red line that slowly dripped to the ground. Very quickly, the ground around her was stained in red, a ghastly sight.

    Ling Xi's sinister gaze locked onto Gu Ruoyun, he snorted once in disdain, but that green figure quickly shifted behind Gu Ruoyun.

    "Gu Ruoyun, behind you!"

    Luo Yin's expression changed drastically as she watched Gu Ruoyun's back tensely, and she shouted out in anxiety.

    As if feeling that a poisonous snake was staring at her from behind, Gu Ruoyun slowly turned around. In the next instant, a sharp sword was already on her forehead, and following that, the young man's merciless words fell.

    "The humiliation you gave me in the Heavenly Spirit Formation... I, Ling Xi, will now return all of it back to you! Go and die, Gu Ruoyun!"


    His sword swung ruthlessly down on Gu Ruoyun's forehead, he had clearly forgotten Shiyun's orders.

    "That's not good!"

    Shiyun's expression changed a little. If Gu Ruoyun's brain was damaged, then her spiritual force would dissipate. This idiot Ling Xi! He was going to spoil everything!

    However, no matter how much she panicked, it was all too late...

    "Stop it! Damn you, stop it!"

    Elder Yu had just rushed over in time to see this thrilling scene, it scared him so much that his heart trembled a few times.

    It was over, it was all over. If Young Master came back to find that something had happened to Eldest Miss, then disaster would befall on the whole of Azure Dragon Country, and there would be rivers of blood.

    Back then, when he had heard that something had happened to his beloved sister, Young Master almost came to Azure Dragon Country to cause trouble. Halfway there, he had been captured and brought back by the family head and punished with closed door cultivation for a few years!

    Actually, Young Master wasn't someone who disregarded the rules. The prerequisite for that was that no one he cared about died. If Eldest Miss were to die in the hands of this little Ling family swine, then the scale of Young Master's rage would be enormous. After experiencing the pain of losing another family member, it would be too late for amends even if the family came out to stop him.

    However, this damned bastard Ling Xi!!
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