Chapter 69: Im a Good Person (2)

    Chapter 69: I'm a Good Person (2)

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    How would a tiny Ling family be able to withstand the rage of Young Master? They would definitely have disappeared before the Three Great Authorities could come and stop him.

    Don't get fooled by Young Master's warm and scholarly appearance, that was only on the surface. How could he have become the young master of the Dongfang family without the power to back it up?


    Just as Elder Yu was about to have a heart attack, a sword suddenly appeared in front of Gu Ruoyun.

    That sword looked rather normal. To be more accurate, the blade and scabbard were spotted with rust. It looked like a piece of scrap metal. However, it was this rusty scrap blade that had blocked Ling Xi's sword...

    That's right! The sword that had been about to spill Gu Ruoyun's blood, had been blocked just like that!

    "Tch! I thought Ling Xi's move was really strong. I didn't think that it would get blocked this easily."

    "What kind of martial warrior is he? He can't even beat a Qi level 6. He should go back to his mother's womb and get remade."

    "I feel like Ling Xi didn't use his full strength, otherwise, how did Gu Ruoyun manage to block that?"

    The crowd first recovered from their shock, before continuously letting out exclamations. None of them believed that Gu Ruoyun's power could actually win over Ling Xi.

    After all, the difference in their ranks was clear. They would only believe that a Qi level 6 could block an early stage martial warrior's strike if they believed that an ant could trample an elephant to death.

    "I didn't want to take this out, but..." Gu Ruoyun laughed lightly, "...you've forced me to take it out. Tell me, how should I deal with you? Oh, right, you wanted to kill me, didn't you?"

    Ling Xi stared blankly for a moment, but quickly recovered his state of mind. He sneered: "So what if I want to kill you? Gu Ruoyun, do you dare to kill me? Even if you had a hundred times more courage, you wouldn't dare to touch even a single hair on me. Otherwise, you won't be able to live anymore."

    Elder Yu helplessly shook his head. Even if Gu Ruoyun had not planned on killing Ling Xi at the start, she absolutely had to kill him after he said that.


    He narrowed his eyes slightly, and looked at the sword in Gu Ruoyun's hands: "This sword is very special, but it doesn't seem to be a spiritual weapon. I wonder where Eldest Miss got it, the Weapon Refining Sect has definitely noticed how unusual the sword in her hands is."

    Even when facing a scene like that, Hunfei had only been watching coldly from start to end. However, upon seeing the sword in Gu Ruoyun's hands, his brows knitted together lightly.

    "Spiritual weapon? No! It's not a spiritual weapon, I should say that it's a drained spiritual weapon!"

    While drained spiritual weapons could be counted as spiritual weapons, they couldn't be compared to real spiritual weapons, and thus, they were beneath the Weapon Refining Sect's notice.

    "Is that so?" Gu Ruoyun raised her eyebrows and looked at Ling Xi. The smile in her eyes grew even more pronounced, "Then I want to see, what'll happen after I kill you!"

    "Then come and try it!"

    Ling Xi smiled coolly, and his body charged towards Gu Ruoyun like the wind. The glow from his sharp sword lit up the surroundings, it looked extremely sharp and malicious.

    However, with a gentle wave of the sword in Gu Ruoyun's hands, a powerful burst of wind immediately rushed forth and pushed Ling Xi back a few steps with a bang!

    That's right, she had merely waved her sword and hadn't made any other movements...

    "Please tell me, is this real? Don't tell me that the treasure she got from the Heavenly Spirit Formation was this sword?"

    In the crowd, the young man, who had wanted to snatch Gu Ruoyun's treasure back then in the Heavenly Spirit Formation, rubbed his eyes fiercely. He was still unhappy about getting humiliated by Gu Ruoyun previously, so he had followed Ling Xi here to watch her get beaten up.

    He didn't think that he would end up seeing something like this.
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