Chapter 71: Treacherous Old Man Ling (1)

    Chapter 71: Treacherous Old Man Ling (1)

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    Elder Yu grasped Ling Yi's fist, a cold glint hidden in his aged eyes.

    "Ling Family Head, as someone from the senior generation, it's not too good to interfere with a competition between juniors, right?"

    "Get away from me!"

    A shout exploded from Ling Yi. His eyes were red with hatred, as if he wanted to eat human flesh: "I don't care whether it was a competition or not! I only know that she turned my grandson into a good-for-nothing, so she must die here!"

    Elder Yu laughed loudly: "Ling Family Head, your grandson learned the wrong technique and wasn't crippled by the fight. He's already doomed to be someone with no future, since he won't be able to cultivate ever again."

    Like a lightning bolt striking down from a clear sky, Elder Yu's words immediately struck Ling Yi dumb where he stood.

    What had Elder Yu said? Even if Gu Ruoyun had not crippled Ling Xi, he would still have been a good-for-nothing?


    That wasn't possible!

    Miss Shiyun had said that the secret technique wouldn't leave any side effects; it must have been some lie that old man was making up to protect Gu Ruoyun.

    "Did you think I would believe you just because you said so?" Ling Yi shouted with overflowing rage, "I advise you to hand over Gu Ruoyun now. Otherwise, don't blame me for my actions! Xi'er is our Ling family's sole heir! If he becomes crippled, then our Ling family line ends here! So I must make that damned girl pay the price with her life!"


    Ling Yi roared in fury. However, he didn't charge towards Elder Yu or Gu Ruoyun, who was being shielded behind Elder Yu.

    He reached towards Luo Yin standing in the crowd...

    "That's bad!"

    Elder Yu's expression changed, but just as he was about to move forward, a strong wind attacked his leg. With a 'putong', his thigh turned weak and he collapsed onto the floor.

    At this moment, Elder Yu gripped the wooden rod in his hands so tightly that it broke in two with a crack. That worn, elderly face looked extremely scary. With an ashen face, he looked towards the men of the Weapon Refining Sect who were acting innocent, and spat out three syllables one by one.

    "Weapon. Refining. Sect!"

    That's right, the source of that attack just now was the Weapon Refining Sect!

    What he had not anticipated was that the Weapon Refining Sect would dare to play dirty tricks under the eyes of the crowd!


    Very good!

    He was going to remember this score!

    "Luo Yin!"

    Seeing Ling Yi reaching towards Luo Yin, Gu Ruoyun shouted anxiously.

    However, before Luo Yin could recover her senses, she had already landed in Ling Yi's hands...

    "Hahaha! Gu Ruoyun, did you think you were safe with the people from Hundred Herb Hall protecting you? Too bad you've underestimated me! If you want your friend to be safe, then you're not allowed to retaliate no matter what I do! Otherwise, I'll strangle her to death!"

    Ling Yi's hands gripped tightly around Luo Yin's neck with a vicious expression as he spoke.

    "Gu Ruoyun! Don't bother about me!" Luo Yin stared fiercely at Ling Yi, and spoke completely fearlessly, "Ling Yi, you shameless old man! It was your grandson who signed a life-and-death contract with Gu Ruoyun! Whose fault can it be that he's crippled now? Who knew that the elder would come out after the younger one lost his fight? Does your Ling family have any dignity at all?"

    "You shut up!"

    Ling Yi raised his hand and slapped down hard on Luo Yin's cheek; in an instant, five finger marks appeared on that small face.

    Luo Yin didn't cry or shout. She licked the blood at the corner of her lips, eyes full of ridicule.

    "They signed a contract with the people of the Weapon Refining Sect as witness. Don't tell me that you're going to flout it right in front of the Weapon Refining Sect?"

    While saying so, her gaze swept towards the Weapon Refining Sect.

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