Chapter 79: The Crown Prince Visits (2)

    Chapter 79: The Crown Prince Visits (2)

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    "Then who are you interested in?" The corner of Zixie's lips lifted as he faintly smiled, "Qianbei Ye? I've told you before, that fellow isn't a good person. You should stay away from him."

    "Zixie," Gu Ruoyun's smile disappeared bit by bit; her pretty face was shrouded by the afterglow of the setting sun, "I haven't known Xiao Ye for very long, but I'm the first person he's met. Right now, he has already lost all of his memories. No matter what wrongs he committed in the past, the current him no longer remembers them."

    "It doesn't matter if he was a god or a devil. Even if he just casually ended a person's life, that was also for the sake of protecting me. I believe his intentions in protecting me are pure. This is because I'm the only one he knows here! That's right, I don't know enough about him; I don't know his past, and I don't even know what kind of pain and betrayal he's been through! However, this does not mean that I'll never trust him. Whether it's Xiao Ye, you, or Luo Yin, or even my brother that I haven't met yet... if any of you are in danger, I won't sit by and watch."

    Perhaps the past Qianbei Ye had made gargantuan mistakes, but the present him was just an innocent child in her eyes. Furthermore, it was a fact that his memories had been sealed. Someone who had lost all his memories would naturally view the first person they met as their mother.

    It was precisely because Xiao Ye did not have any memories that Gu Ruoyun would trust him so. Otherwise, she absolutely would not have gotten so close to this man...

    "Zixie, I wasn't able to protect my mother in the past, and I wasn't even able to protect the little brother that I considered as precious as my own life. In this life, I'm not going to make the same mistake. It's because I've lost those who were precious to me before that I'm going to treasure the people around me even more now."

    The girl raised her head, and that delicate face that still held traces of her childhood now carried the radiance of her resolution.

    That resolution seemed to have touched Zixie's heart, because a hint of a smile appeared in his pupils. Just as he was about to speak, a wave of cold flashed through his eyes.

    "Someone's coming."


    Right after he finished saying so, he turned into a burst of purple light and disappeared from the courtyard...

    Gu Ruoyun's brows raised slightly, and turning her head to look, she saw Elder Yu striding towards her with quick steps.

    "Eldest Miss, Leng Yanfeng is here. He mentioned that he wants to see you specifically by name, you see..."

    "Leng Yanfeng?" Gu Ruoyun stared blankly for a moment, "Azure Dragon Country's crown prince? Weapon Refining Sect's disciple? What does he want with me?"

    "This servant isn't sure," Elder Yu shook his head, "Eldest Miss, are you going to meet him? If you're not willing, then I'll turn him away now."

    "No need," Gu Ruoyun sneered, "I want to see what Leng Yanfeng has come looking for! I don't have a single connection with him; what is he doing here, coming to find me?"


    At this moment, within the medicine store of Hundred Herb Hall, Leng Yanfeng picked up the teacup in his hands and sipped, his expression as cold and severe as an icy mountain. Even when he saw Elder Yu leading Gu Ruoyun in, nothing changed in those cold eyes.

    "I'm just a lowly unknown person. I wonder what business Your Highness has, coming down to Hundred Herb Hall to look for me? Or could it be that Your Highness was too thirsty and there wasn't any good tea in your manor, so you're just using your visit as an excuse to get a good cup of tea to drink?"

    Everyone knew that the tea served at Hundred Herb Hall was a rare medicinal tea. If he was a normal person, Leng Yanfeng would have turned angry out of shame from Gu Ruoyun's provocation. However, his expression did not change at all; that handsome face of his remained stone-cold.
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