Chapter 84: Fate Lies in the East (3)

    Chapter 84: Fate Lies in the East (3)

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    At this moment, in the Weapon Refining Sect's residence, Hunfei's expression was extremely ugly. Shiyun, who was sitting to one side, was a little preoccupied with her thoughts. Her elegant brows were locked in a tight frown, thinking of something.

    "Miss, don't worry, I'll definitely catch Gu Ruoyun and give her spiritual force to Miss!" He clenched his fists tightly, gritting his teeth as he said, "I won't be happy until I kill that little swine!"

    Shiyun's pupils darkened. She slowly set her teacup down and said: "Hunfei, don't act recklessly. If the Three Great Authorities find out, then it'll drag the entire Weapon Refining Sect into this."

    "Miss, then what should we do? Don't tell me that we're going to let her off just like that?"

    "No!" Shiyun shook her head, and a streak of ferocity flashed across her eyes before she gently smiled. "It's not like there aren't any other ways to kill her. The Three Great Authorities decreed that opponents with weaker cultivation are off-limits, but once she breaks through into martial general, the rules won't protect her any longer. However, it's going to take a few decades until she becomes a martial general, and I don't think I can wait that long..."

    "Furthermore... I don't want Gu Ruoyun to die!" A sinister air was hidden behind Shiyun's smile. "No; I want to suck up all her spiritual force, rip off all her limbs, and then torture her for the rest of her life! She was the one who chose to bewitch Qianbei Ye and trick him into following her. Since that's the case, then I'll make sure she pays the appropriate price!"

    Hunfei's heart trembled when he looked upon the current Shiyun.

    The gentle facade that she put up in front of others was just that: a disguise. Actually, there was no one who knew better than him what laid beneath this woman's mask!

    Back then, for the sake of reaching the highest possible position in the Weapon Refining Sect as she could, Shiyun had not hesitated in using malicious means to frame her elder twin sister. Though they shared the same face, it was her sister who was the real kind, talented girl, not Shiyun...

    Though, it was true that all of this had been achieved with his own assistance.

    However, the fact remained. She could even kill her own twin sister; what else would she not do?

    "Miss, then do you have a better idea?" Hunfei frowned, "How can we avoid the eyes of the Three Great Authorities and take Gu Ruoyun away without anyone knowing?"

    Shiyun sneered: "Why do we have to avoid their eyes? Leng Yanfeng belongs to my Weapon Refining Sect. If he marries Gu Ruoyun, then Gu Ruoyun will belong to the Weapon Refining Sect. Would the Three Great Authorities care what we do to her then? I've already secretly let slip that I want to make Gu Ruoyun leave Qianbei Ye. A smart person like Leng Yanfeng, who is this devoted to me, would definitely sacrifice anything to make me happy! Since there's someone like this around, why not make proper use of him? If it succeeds, Gu Ruoyun even has to thank me. Otherwise, based on her talent and quality, she would never be qualified to marry Leng Yanfeng in her whole entire life!"

    Even if Leng Yanfeng didn't belong to the Weapon Refining Sect, he still held the title of Crown Prince. With such a large difference in status, of course that woman wouldn't have the qualifications to become his wife.

    Hunfei gaped in surprise. He had thought that he was vicious, but Miss Shiyun was clearly even more vicious than he was! For the sake of reaching her goal, she would stop at nothing!

    Just as Shiyun was thinking of how to deal with Gu Ruoyun, a wave of turbulence had come to the imperial capital of Azure Dragon Country.

    There was no other reason. General Luo was the most overprotective father in the whole of Azure Dragon Country, so when he heard that Luo Yin had been captured and threatened by Ling Yi, he had instantly flew into a huge rage. He had then led a grand procession to capture the disabled Ling Xi, and he even destroyed Ling Yi's mourning hall on the way.
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