Chapter 85: Fate Lies in the East (4)

    Chapter 85: Fate Lies in the East (4)

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    The womenfolk of the Ling family were weeping tragically. The originally prestigious Ling family had been reduced to such a miserable state in just one night; it was quite the sight.

    "The imperial concubine! Quick, let's go look for the imperial concubine!"

    The one who said this was Ling Yi's very own younger brother and Ling Xi's second granduncle, Ling Yihui. Now that Ling Yi was dead, Ling Yihui was the head of the Ling family. However, when he tried to go to the imperial concubine for help, a girl dressed in green appeared before the Ling family with a token.

    "Our Lord has ordered that the Ling family is to stop here. The Ling family must never look to cause trouble with Gu Ruoyun or the Luo family again, or else they will suffer the consequences!"

    Seeing the token in the girl's hands, Ling Yihui was speechless...

    He was scared silly!

    Heavens, a Declaration of Death from Dark Yin Palace? Was this girl someone from Dark Yin Palace?

    On this mainland, it was fine if you didn't know the names of all four countries, and even the Weapon Refining Sect's Sect Master's surname wasn't considered common knowledge, but no one would claim not to know of the Dark Yin Palace.

    Dark Yin Palace's actual strength might not be as rich and powerful as the Weapon Refining Sect, but that was because the Dark Yin Palace was a nest of assassins. Furthermore, they would take assassination missions from outside the mainland, which was why they were so well-known.

    Dark Yin Palace was also infamous for their 'Declarations of Death'! Before killing them, the people of Dark Yin Palace would send a token to their targets, declaring that they would relentlessly pursue them till death. There was no one they wouldn't be able to kill. Most importantly, up till now, no one knew where Dark Yin Palace was.

    Thus, the people of the mainland were always on edge when they talked about Dark Yin Palace.

    He hadn't thought that the Luo family would actually be acquainted with someone from Dark Yin Palace.

    That's right, in Ling Yihui's heart, the reason the Luo family had been so brazen as to come to kidnap someone from the Ling family was entirely because of Dark Yin Palace backing them! As for Gu Ruoyun, she had been completely overlooked by him...

    She was a little girl who hadn't even finished puberty; how could she be acquainted with the Lord of Dark Yin Palace? That was entirely impossible!!

    "Second Granduncle, don't listen to her!" Ling Yu's pretty face suddenly changed, and with reddened eyes, she said, "You have to find Aunt and get revenge for Grandfather and Elder Brother!"

    Qingyi, the girl dressed in green, gave Ling Yu a very cold look. That one glance seemed to pierce Ling Yu's heart like a sword, making it tremble as she lost all courage to speak.

    "This lady, please don't worry," Ling Yihui's pupils flashed as he spoke with an intent to flatter Qingyi, "My elder brother's death had nothing to do with either of those people; it was all his own fault. I definitely won't continue to pursue this hated matter!"

    "A wise man submits to the circumstances. I'll return and report to My Lord."

    The girl dressed in green raised the sword in her hands as she coldly said: "Farewell!"

    Having said her piece, she turned and left without giving Ling Yihui a chance to react. Cold sweat rose on Ling Yihui's entire body as he stared after her fading silhouette.

    On the other hand, Ling Yu, not having expected Ling Yihui's choice, had despair written all over her face...


    She definitely would not let Gu Ruoyun and the Luo family continue on so brazenly! Since Second Granduncle wasn't willing to stick his head out for Grandfather, then she would enter the palace herself to look for her aunt. Otherwise, since her aunt lived deep within the palace, she had no way of knowing what had happened outside...

    Thinking up to here, viciousness flashed through her eyes.

    Gu Ruoyun, Luo Yin, just you wait! I, Ling Yu, will absolutely never let you live freely! Paying blood for blood is the natural way of things! You must go to hell to repent for your actions!

    Author's Note: Regarding Shiyun's real identity, all of you readers guessed wrongly. Haha, the situation between her and Qianbei Ye is not like you imagine. I'm not going to reveal it now though, you'll see at the end. xoxo

    TL Note: I forgot to mention the meaning of Qingyi's name. Her name is literally 'green clothing', which is why she's dressed in green. 😛

    Also, the countries are named after the four mythical beasts: Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger and Black Turtle. You might also know them from Japanese culture as Seiryu, Suzaku, Byakko and Genbu! Each beast represents a cardinal direction... and the countries lie in those same directions. Azure Dragon Country is in the east, while Vermillion Bird Country is in the south. This is why Zuo Shangchen's 'fate lies in the east'. ;P
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