Chapter 88: Subduing the Ghost Doctor (3)

    Chapter 88: Subduing the Ghost Doctor (3)

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    "Why? You don't dare to?" Gu Ruoyun shrugged, "I've always thought that the Ghost Doctor would have more courage than the rest. I didn't think that a small little wager like this would scare you away. Since it's like that, then forget about it, I'm leaving first."

    After saying so, Gu Ruoyun shook her head, her face full of regret.

    Seeing that Gu Ruoyun was about to leave, the Ghost Doctor gritted her teeth and said: "Hmph! Who said that I'm scared? Unless it's the Celestial Deity Daluo, no one else can remove the scar on my face. It's impossible for a silly little girl like you, no matter how great your abilities are! Fine, I'll accept your conditions! If you manage to remove the scars on my face, I'll swear my fealty to you. If I betray you, I'll willingly let my family line end with me, and enter the 18 levels of hell, never to be reborn."

    Don't underestimate the power of oaths. In this mainland full of miracles, no one would violate their oaths, for fear of regretting the consequences later on.

    There had once been a strong cultivator who broke their oath, and in the end, in accordance with what he had sworn, his four limbs had been broken and he had been turned into ashes by lightning.

    Thus, once you spoke an oath, you had to follow it thoroughly!

    Gu Ruoyun's footsteps paused, she turned to look at the Ghost Doctor gritting her teeth. She smiled, and in that smile, it felt like she was getting away with some sinister plot.

    "Take this Beauty Rejuvenation Pill."

    Beauty Rejuvenation Pill? The Ghost Doctor was stunned for a moment. She looked at the pill in Gu Ruoyun's hands with some hesitation. Finally, she took that Beauty Rejuvenation Pill and carefully swallowed it down.

    Actually, the reason why the Ghost Doctor had dared to take the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill, was entirely because she was an expert in using poisons. Furthermore, she had already become immune to most poisons, and was completely unafraid that Gu Ruoyun would try to harm her.

    "Hmph, let's see how you're going to resolve this!"

    The Ghost Doctor harrumphed and said mockingly.

    However, just as she finished speaking, the wounds on her face started to itch, as if ten thousand ants were crawling over her wounds. It was so itchy that she couldn't help but reach out to scratch...

    Following that, a single sentence from Gu Ruoyun halted her hand.

    "Don't scratch, or bear the consequences yourself!"

    "You..." The Ghost Doctor was infuriated to the point of craziness, "I've already become immune to most poisons eight years ago, how was your medicine able to affect me? What grudge do we have between us for you to come over specially to harm me?"

    She had been too careless, thinking that she was immune to poisons. However, she had fallen into this little girl's plot.

    Thinking of this, the Ghost Doctor was so angry that her teeth started aching, but she didn't dare to move recklessly.

    "Honorable... Honorable Ghost Doctor, your face..." Mr Liu let out a cry out of shock, and became tongue-tied.

    "What happened to my face?"

    The Ghost Doctor frowned, and casually picked up the mirror at the side. Following that, with one glance, she was rooted to the spot with shock...

    The terrible scars on her face were scabbing over bit by bit, then dropping off. After the scabs dropped off, the light pink wounds then changed back into fair white skin at a speed she could see...

    There must be something wrong with her eyes!

    That's right, she must be going blind!

    Without mentioning how hard old wounds were to treat, even with the strongest medicines, there wouldn't be any results occurring this quickly. Furthermore, it was recovering at a speed that the human eye could see.

    What did this mean? It was terribly frightening!

    The Ghost Doctor was so still she seemed lifeless, before a burst of wild laughter came out, bringing along unbridled joy.

    "You wretched couple... For the sake of stealing the Treasure Encyclopedia of Medicine? that Shifu left to me, you joined together and ruined my face... even poisoning the wounds you left, thinking to use the antidote to force me to hand over the book. You didn't think that I would escape and also treat the poison! It's been ten years. These ten years, your betrayal has always come to mind whenever I look at the wounds on my face! I didn't think that, I could ever recover my original appearance..."
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