Chapter 93: Ling Yus Greed (3)

    Chapter 93: Ling Yu's Greed (3)

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    "Eldest Miss, you've finally returned."

    In the courtyard, Elder Yu was pacing worriedly, but upon suddenly seeing an approaching Gu Ruoyun, he could finally relax.

    "Eldest Miss, this is..."

    Suddenly, he caught sight of the eye-catching woman following closely behind Gu Ruoyun and unconsciously froze.

    "She?" Gu Ruoyun cast a glance at the woman behind her, "She's the Ghost Doctor, but she's going to be my subordinate from now on."


    Elder Yu's eyes widened in surprise.

    What did Eldest Miss say? She had accepted the Ghost Doctor as her subordinate? Everyone on the mainland knew how eccentric the Ghost Doctor was; she had always been free and alone. Back then, even when the Weapon Refining Sect had sent her an invite, she had rejected them.

    However, no matter how arrogant the Weapon Refining Sect was, they didn't dare to brazenly force the Ghost Doctor.

    You could see the status the Ghost Doctor had on this mainland...

    "The Dongfang family's servant?" The Ghost Doctor's eyes swept across Elder Yu's body, then she curled her lip with disapproval, "However, it seems like you don't have a very good position in the Dongfang family, otherwise you wouldn't have been sent to this place."

    "Wei Yiyi," Gu Ruoyun frowned and directly called the Ghost Doctor by name, saying, "Elder Yu is one of the elders in the Dongfang family, and he's helped me a lot. You're not to disrespect him."

    Seeing Gu Ruoyun come to his defense, Elder Yu was moved in his heart. Young Master had not chosen the wrong person. However, what shocked Elder Yu was that the Ghost Doctor didn't get angry at all from Gu Ruoyun's admonishment!

    The Ghost Doctor had always tended towards an explosive temper. How would she let the matter of being chided in front of someone else pass without retribution?

    "Elder Yu, where did Xiao Ye go?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brows. Normally when she returned home, Qianbei Ye would be one of the first to appear in her line of sight. However, this time, she couldn't see a shadow of his figure anywhere...

    "Eldest Miss, the transfer of the Liu ancestral home is complete. Mr. Qianbei went to help Eldest Miss clean up the rooms, so he's currently not in Hundred Herb Hall."

    "Is that so?" Gu Ruoyun stroked her chin lightly and then smiled, "Since that's the case, I'll move over tonight. It'll be good to get the Devil Sect settled in as well. Wei Yiyi, follow me."

    "Yes, Shifu Yun'er."

    The Ghost Doctor smiled like a fox: her mesmerising eyes were full of mischief and her tone was extremely seductive.

    Shifu Yun'er?

    Elder Yu's eyes widened in shock. He didn't hear wrongly, right? The Ghost Doctor had called Eldest Miss 'Shifu'?


    Without waiting for Elder Yu to react, the two figures disappeared from his sight.


    The people of the Devil Sect were already waiting for Gu Ruoyun in the ancestral home. However, when Gu Ruoyun appeared with Wei Yiyi following behind her, everyone felt their bones turn to mush. Even though the Ghost Doctor was already close to thirty, after using the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill, she looked like she was in her early twenties. Each of her expressions made her look like a fox spirit; her seductive demeanour was simply too enticing.

    However, upon hearing that this beautiful woman was the extremely famous Ghost Doctor, they could no longer stay calm.

    It looked like their master had great ability; even the Ghost Doctor that no one could subdue had been brought under her wing. Did they still need to worry about the Devil Sect's lack of experts?

    Especially Xunfeng. Compared to his earlier mocking and ridicule of Gu Ruoyun, his attitude had now turned to endless joy that he was following this master. His revenge was within reach.

    "Xunfeng, Moyu, handle the arrangements for the Devil Sect. If you don't understand something, just ask the Ghost Doctor. She's more experienced than you. One more thing: I'm going to go into closed door cultivation for a month. Within this one month, no one is allowed to disturb me."

    Author's Note: I named the Right Protector Chunyi at first, but I felt that it was very easy to mix up Chunyi and Qingyi, so I changed it to Moyu.

    Translator's Note:

    Shifu = teacher/master (as in, master-disciple relationship)

    No change to any names, I kept the Right Protector of the Devil Sect as Moyu in previous chapters. C:

    As a note though, the author does mix up names occasionally, so do let me know if I missed anything and I'll edit it. ovo;;
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