Chapter 99: Martial King vs Martial King (1)

    Chapter 99: Martial King vs Martial King (1)

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    It was at this moment that the gaze of the man in black landed on Gu Ruoyun.

    In that instant, all the blood in Gu Ruoyun's body froze. It was like a venomous snake was currently wrapped around her neck; she felt like she was being choked, an extremely uncomfortable feeling to say the least.

    "Gu Ruoyun!" Ling Yu's gaze slowly began to cool, and she sneered as she said, "This time, even if you hide behind Hundred Herb Hall, you won't be able to escape your punishment!"

    This woman had to die!

    Ferocity flashed across Ling Yu's eyes as her sneer grew even more pronounced.

    Thinking up to here, she backed up a few steps and respectfully looked towards the man in black behind her: "Mr. Sai, I'm leaving it to you."


    A hoarse voice came out from the man in black; that venomous snake-like gaze was locked onto Gu Ruoyun. Following that, an oppressive pressure burst out from his body. Under that pressure, Gu Ruoyun's body wobbled, and her gaze turned to solid ice.

    "Ling Yu." Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun smiled; her expression was full of some unknown meaning as she said, "I really admire you right now. You managed to get a martial king here to back you up."


    Just as the sound of Gu Ruoyun's words faded, the man in black's gaze narrowed. It was like his eyes became a pair of sharpened twin blades, both trying to pierce that young girl's body.

    He had never expected that Gu Ruoyun would see through his strength.

    For cultivators, it was only when you reached a certain rank that you would be able to receive all the power behind that rank. Thus, unless Gu Ruoyun had reached martial king, she should definitely not be able to know what level his strength was at!

    However, based on just his pressure, she had been able to see through his rank. This was something he had never thought possible.

    He had come to Azure Dragon Country in secret. If those people found out, then...

    Thinking up to here, the killing intent exuded by the man in black thickened, and the darkness in his eyes bled deep.

    What the man in black didn't know was that, although Gu Ruoyun's current strength was only at martial warrior, she had been a martial honour in her previous life, and she had stayed at martial king for many years. How would she be unable to understand this man's true power?

    "Martial king? Heavens, Ling Yu managed to find a martial king expert."

    "As far as I know, our Azure Dragon Country's top expert Wuqing, the assassin who comes and goes without a trace, is only a late stage martial general. Now a martial king has appeared; is the world about to change?"

    "It looks like the Ling family is going to rise back to power..."

    Upon hearing everyone's exclamations of surprise, an arrogant smile surfaced on Ling Yu's face.

    Actually, she didn't know where this man in black had come from. He had been the one to find her, because he wanted to borrow the Ling family's name to kill Gu Ruoyun. However, that didn't stop everyone from thinking that this man before them was someone of the Ling family...

    "Ling Yu, I'm rather curious how you found a martial king." Gu Ruoyun restrained the cold in her eyes. Instead,  she spoke with a face full of smiles.

    Ling Yu was about to speak when the man in black beside her interrupted in his hoarse voice: "Are you trying to stall for time?"

    Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun's smile grew even more pronounced.

    That's right! She was indeed trying to stall for more time.

    She only had to wait for Elder Yu to finish breaking through, then he would be able to fight off the man in front of her...

    "Great, Gu Ruoyun, you're actually trying to stall for time!" Ling Yu reacted instantly. Raising her finger in accusation, she angrily said, "Did you think someone would come to save you this time? Hundred Herb Hall? Or that silver-haired man that you seduced somehow? I'm telling you, all those people are nothing in front of a martial king expert. This time, no one's going to help you."
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