Chapter 108: The Expert from Spirit Sect (7)

    Chapter 108: The Expert from Spirit Sect (7)

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    Gu Ruoyun was a little speechless. Couldn't this guy just act a bit more normal? However, it wasn't like she held bad feelings towards Zuo Shangchen. She could feel that the man in front of her was simply teasing with his words.

    "Alright, then let's talk about proper business. Did you recognise that person just now?"

    The girl's words made the devilish smile on the man's face slowly disappear. His almond-shaped eyes slightly narrowed and a sneer formed on that perfect face.

    However, very quickly, he restrained the storm swirling within his eyes and took a deep breath before he said: "Xiao Yun'er, let's talk somewhere else."


    Astonishment flashed across Gu Ruoyun's eyes, but she didn't say much more than: "Then let's go to my territory."


    Within the courtyard, a spring breeze blew, causing the leaves of the willow tree to sway with the wind.

    Ignoring the gazes of onlookers, Wei Yiyi busied herself with serving Gu Ruoyun: fetching her water and pouring her tea. Those not in the know might have even assumed that she was Gu Ruoyun's servant girl.

    Zuo Shangchen retracted his flabbergasted gaze and smiled: "Xiao Yun'er, I didn't think you had the skill to bring the legendary Ghost Doctor Wei Yiyi under your wings. It looks like I've really underestimated you."

    Who was it that had called her a good-for-nothing?

    Even if you were a genius, could you make the Ghost Doctor serve you willingly and wholeheartedly?

    Furthermore, this girl was Gu Shengxiao's little sister. How could that fellow's sister be a good-for-nothing? It was impossible if you simply thought about it.

    "She wanted to follow me," Gu Ruoyun took a small sip of her tea before  putting down her teacup, "Furthermore, Wei Yiyi isn't one of my subordinates; she's only here to help me out with some business. She only has one master, and that's her shifu's Medicine Order."

    "It looks like you know about the Medicine Order," Zuo Shangchen slightly smiled as he said, "Then you should know about her situation. Wei Yiyi is currently a criminal wanted by the Medicine Order. Although the Medicine Order isn't as large as the Weapon Refining Sect, they're still roughly equal in terms of strength. Right now, the people of the Medicine Order know that she stole away the Treasure Encyclopedia of Medicine, so she can no longer return to that place. Furthermore, Wei Yiyi was once poisoned. Although the poison has already been purged, if you compare her before and after, her strength was significantly reduced because of it. If you're with her, you'll definitely incur a lot of trouble."

    Gu Ruoyun was a little startled: "The Medicine Order doesn't even know about the Ghost Doctor's situation; how did you know that she's the Wei Yiyi that the Medicine Order wants?"

    "There's nothing in this world that this prince doesn't know about. However..." He paused for a moment before smiling and saying, "Those people would probably be able to guess the Ghost Doctor's identity anyway. Who else could have such superb medical skills other than the person holding onto the Treasure Encyclopedia of Medicine? As for why the Medicine Order hasn't come looking for her yet, it's because they've been in trouble these past few years and they can't spare the men to find her."

    Wei Yiyi sunk into deep silence for a while before asking: "You just said that I'm a wanted criminal, what's going on with that?"

    That year, that wretched couple had wanted to take her life. In the end, she escaped and left that place to come to Azure Dragon Country. She had no knowledge of anything that had happened after that.

    "The previous Order Master's daughter has turned into an idiot, and it was supposedly your handiwork, so you've been put on the wanted list by the Medicine Order. The one who did so was your junior, and the current Order Master of the Medicine Order."

    "What did you say?"

    Wei Yiyi became extremely agitated and shook her head in disbelief: "That's impossible! How could Xiao Tong become an idiot? That's absolutely impossible!"
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