Chapter 115: The Shocking Four Nations Auction (1)

    Chapter 115: The Shocking Four Nations' Auction (1)

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    However, Gu Ruoyun did not say anything else. She quickly turned her gaze to Wei Yiyi. After a moment of deep thought, she said: "Wei Yiyi, help me find Elder Yu and bring him here. I want to discuss something with him."

    If she wanted to stand firm on this mainland, it was important to have an organisation behind her. However, if she didn't have enough gold as her backing, she would never be able to develop her power base. Thus, right now, she needed to earn a lot of riches for herself...

    At this moment, on a gold couch, Leng Yanfeng's face was weak and pale. His thin lips were curved into a cold and hard grimace, the cold air on his body was enough to freeze everyone around him into ice.

    "Leng Yanfeng, you didn't see the person's appearance?" Hun Fei asked with his brows knitted tightly together.

    Leng Yanfeng shook his head: "That person moved too fast, I couldn't even see him clearly. However, although my father gave the order to keep it a secret last night, somehow, everyone in Azure Dragon Country already knows what happened."


    A fist landed heavily on the table, Leng Yanfeng's expression turned even colder, and his eyes carried undisguised killing intent.

    "If I find out who that person is, I'll make him... regret that he was ever born!"

    For a man, the most important thing was carrying on the family line. Now that he had been completely crippled, how could he bear it? What was worse was that the entire Azure Dragon Country knew that he had been crippled.

    "Feng'er, this injury isn't untreatable."

    Hun Fei glanced at Leng Yanfeng: "There's only one person in this world... Even if your limbs were broken, she would be able to help you put it back together, let alone your family jewels."


    Leng Yanfeng's breathing tightened and he stared at Hun Fei.

    "The Ghost Doctor!" Hun Fei stated calmly before he creased his brows, "This Ghost Doctor has always been eccentric in her ways. She won't save someone she doesn't like, no matter how many treasures you offer. Most importantly, the Ghost Doctor's whereabouts have always been a mystery. No one knows where she is unless she's willing to let them know."

    Hearing this, astonishment flashed across Leng Yanfeng's eyes.

    "Shifu, is even Weapon Refining Sect unable to find her?"

    Hun Fei shook his head: "The Ghost Doctor has never stayed in a single place for more than two days. Thus, even if you find out where she's staying at right now, by the time you reach there, she's already left. Furthermore, the Ghost Doctor and the Medicine Order have a tenuous relationship!"

    "Shifu, I can't go on like this. No matter what, I have to find the Ghost Doctor and have her help me return to normal."

    Leng Yanfeng's pupils darkened, and that coldly handsome face showed resolution.

    "Rest assured. No matter what, I'll help you find the Ghost Doctor! When the time comes, remember to check your attitude. The Ghost Doctor isn't someone normal, even our Weapon Refining Sect wouldn't want to offend her unless we're forced to. Otherwise, we'll offend a lot of people."

    The Ghost Doctor had been around for so many years, and had saved countless people. If they really threatened the Ghost Doctor, there would be a lot of people coming for them.

    However, what Hun Fei didn't know was that Leng Yanfeng had already offended the Ghost Doctor much earlier. He had even offended her to the worst point possible. It was impossible to get the Ghost Doctor to save him now! When that time would come, Leng Yanfeng would feel utmost regret for his actions he'd made just a few days ago, to the point that he would want to erase his past self from existence...

    "Yes, Shifu."

    Leng Yanfeng lowered his eyes, a dark glow flashing by his black pupils, seemingly thinking of something...
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