Chapter 118: The Shocking Four Nations Auction (4)

    Chapter 118: The Shocking Four Nations' Auction (4)

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    Under the guidance of the servants, Old Man Gu appeared in front of Gu Ruoyun with a haughty expression. However, upon seeing Elder Yu sitting by her side, he froze in surprise for a moment before the arrogance on his face changed into a flattering smile.

    "Elder Yu, so you were here."

    It was obvious that the old man had a lot of reverence in his heart for the martial king Elder Yu.

    Elder Yu harrumphed once and didn't even glance at Old Man Gu, as if there was a pile of trash in front of him, polluting his eyes.

    "Speak, for what reason have you come looking for Ruoyun?" Elder Yu's tone was cold and detached, clearly unwelcoming.


    Old Man Gu looked at Elder Yu with some hesitation: "Elder Yu, could I speak with her alone?"

    "Why? Is it something that I can't listen to?" Elder Yu finally looked at Old Man Gu. However, the look in his eyes was like the freezing tundra, "So it turns out that this old man will be turned away even on his own territory. You're the first one who has tried to chase this old man out from his own place. Old Man Gu, I wonder who gave you such daring!"

    In an instant, Old Man Gu's expression changed. Although he wanted to pander to Elder Yu, he didn't know what to say. With Elder Yu there, there were many things he couldn't say to Gu Ruoyun...

    However, from start to finish, he couldn't understand what the relationship was between Gu Ruoyun and Elder Yu that he would protect her like this.

    "Yun'er," Thinking up to here, the old man turned towards Gu Ruoyun with an expression full of familial affection, "You've already left home for so many days. Grandfather misses you. You haven't gone to look at the place where your parents stayed when they were alive. I let the servants clean it up every day; even if you stay there, there won't be any problems. Furthermore, your parents didn't cause a ruckus like you did, straining our relationship to this point."

    Suddenly, a knifelike cold pierced Old Man Gu's body; even he couldn't resist the urge to shiver. Shocked, he raised his head and saw Gu Ruoyun, whose eyes glinted with the same level of severe chill he felt.

    This... was this still that good-for-nothing granddaughter of his? That look in her eyes made even the battle-hardened him feel panic and fright...

    When had she changed so much?

    It should've been after he had beaten her to death...

    Unconsciously, Gu Ruoyun's every action since then flashed through his mind. He realised that the girl standing before his eyes was no longer the little girl who was so easy to bully...

    Unfortunately, he had discovered it far too late; it was too late for regrets...

    "Stop beating around the bush. Aren't you here for the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill?" Gu Ruoyun sneered and said, "Sure! I can get Hundred Herb Hall to give you a pill, but... you must find the corpses of Gu Tian and his wife for me. Otherwise, I'll never give you this chance!"

    Old Man Gu's face had initially been filled with pleasant surprise. The Plum Faction only wanted him to get news of the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill, he hadn't expected that he could get the pill itself so easily. The Plum Faction would surely be extremely grateful to him in that case.

    However, upon hearing the ultimatum that came afterwards, Old Man Gu froze...

    The corpses of Gu Tian and his wife? How was that possible? They had been dead for so many years, how would they be able to find their corpses?

    "This... Yun'er, aren't you making things difficult for me?" Old Man Gu awkwardly spoke up, "Their corpses might have long been devoured by spiritual beasts and may not even exist anymore. How am I to find whole corpses for you? Could you change your request? Even if you want me to hand over the Gu family to you, I won't reject it."
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