Chapter 121: The Shocking Four Nations Auction (7)

    Chapter 121: The Shocking Four Nations' Auction (7)

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    "You're the one who should be dead!" Gu Panpan's face turned red from anger, "Luo Yin, look in the mirror! Your entire face is full of freckles, how disgusting! No wonder not a single man has ever taken a liking to you after so many years. You're not even embarrassed to be unmarried at such an old age. Don't tell me that you're so anxious to get hitched that you're here for the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill? I advise you to give up. Even if you get the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill, no man will like you!"

    Gu Panpan's gaze was full of contempt as it swept over Luo Yin's freckled face, and she spoke mockingly.

    "Pfft!" Luo Yin spat on the floor and sneered, "The man that this lady takes a liking to won't be that shallow. If he only likes me for my outer appearance, then I'll just be thrown away when my looks wither away from age. This lady is only here to check out the commotion. I don't even need any Beauty Rejuvenation Pill! However, Gu Panpan, you do look rather beautiful. If I were a man, I might even be moved by you."

    Hearing this, Gu Panpan raised her snow white chin proudly. She looked at Luo Yin with arrogance. However, Luo Yin continued speaking, "However, you have no personality, no cultivation, no power and no talent whatsoever. If I were a man, I would definitely kick you out and find another wife when you turn old. At that time, you can just spend the rest of your life with your cucumber!"

    "You... You..."

    Gu Panpan's face turned even more red. Her eyes seemed like they would spit out fire at any moment. She held in her anger for a long while before finally spitting out two words: "You're shameless!"

    How could a woman speak such wicked words so nonchalantly? She was too shameless!

    Luo Yin rolled her eyes: "I heard that cucumbers are good for your face, so I was just advising you to eat more cucumbers for the rest of your life. I was just trying to help you out of my good intentions, yet you scolded me for being shameless? Do tell me how exactly I'm being shameless here?"

    This time, Gu Panpan couldn't breathe due to her overwhelming rage and almost choked to death from having restrained herself.

    Qin Luo looked at Gu Panpan with suspicion on his face, also wanting to know why Gu Panpan had scolded Luo Yin for being shameless.

    "Qin-ge," Gu Panpan finally recovered her senses after a long struggle. She bit her lip and turned to look at Qin Luo, "I just said she was shameless because she was comparing herself to a man. There's no other reason for it."

    Hearing this, Qin Luo retracted the suspicion in his heart and turned his gaze towards Luo Yin. Frowning, he asked: "Who are you?"

    "This lady is named Luo Yin, the daughter of the Great General Luo! However, my worldview has really expanded today. I didn't think that there would be a man so stupid as to believe that kind of explanation."

    Luo Yin laughed with contempt, and her gaze swept over Qin Luo's face as if she was looking at a pile of garbage.

    "Hmph!" Qin Luo harrumphed, "Just the daughter of a general of Azure Dragon Country. I wonder who gave you the right to attend the auction this time? Do you have an invitation from Hundred Herb Hall in your hands? Did you think you could enter just because you've curried favour with someone from Hundred Herb Hall? What a shame, the woman by your side is just a little errand girl. She doesn't have any power. I advise you to leave this place before Hundred Herb Hall chases you away. It won't look so good for you when that happens."

    From start to finish, Qin Luo didn't even look at Gu Ruoyun.

    With Gu Panpan's identity, although it wasn't enough to become his legal wife, he could still take her as a concubine. As for Gu Ruoyun, since she had already been struck off the family register of the Gu family, she wasn't even qualified to warm his bed!

    A little errand girl like her was nothing in his eyes.
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