Chapter 123: The Shocking Four Nations Auction (9)

    Chapter 123: The Shocking Four Nations' Auction (9)

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    Shopkeeper Zhao harrumphed coldly and said: "Do you need me to say it again? Get out of Hundred Herb Hall right now, or else I won't mind calling someone to throw you out."

    After hearing this, Qin Luo's expression turned ugly. He knew that Shopkeeper Zhao would do exactly what he said. However, if Qin Luo returned home empty-handed, his father would surely blame him!

    This was all because of that bitch Gu Panpan! If it hadn't been for her, how could he have been chased away in public and with so many people watching?

    At this time, everyone's gazes were turned towards them. With so many people watching, Qin Luo was feeling a little ashamed.

    "Hmph, we're leaving!"

    As he couldn't stay any longer, Qin Luo led the men of the Qin Order away from Hundred Herb Hall in a hurry. As for that troublemaker Gu Panpan, it was clear that she didn't deserve to stand by his side any longer...


    Gu Panpan anxiously stomped her foot , then glared at Gu Ruoyun with resentment: "Just you wait! One day, I'll make you kneel in front of me and beg for forgiveness for your mistakes!"

    Having promised so, she no longer had the face to continue staying there any longer. Before Shopkeeper Zhao could call for someone to throw her out, she hurriedly walked out and disappeared from sight.

    Seeing that the two people involved had left, the crowd watching the spectacle also quickly dispersed. Shopkeeper Zhao strode towards Gu Ruoyun and smiled as he said: "Eldest Miss, Elder Yu has already prepared your seat. Please follow me."

    Eldest Miss?

    Luo Yin stared at the scene blankly in a daze. Why did Shopkeeper Zhao call Gu Ruoyun Eldest Miss?

    What was going on?

    Gu Ruoyun didn't expect that Shopkeeper Zhao would address her as Eldest Miss directly, but since Luo Yin would have found out sooner or later, she didn't say anything to correct him. She simply nodded: "Lead the way."

    "Yes, please follow me, Eldest Miss."


    The sects attending this auction were at the very minimum third-rate and above. Although they were called 'third-rate' sects, their power was at least a tier above a country. Thus, the arrogant lordlings who usually liked to boast of their many connections to powerful people could only keep quiet and squeeze into the crowded hall without complaints.

    Suddenly, a stunning figure stole everyone's attention...

    He was dressed entirely in pink. Carrying a fan in his hand, with a face like peach blossoms, eyes like the moon, and his lips carrying a smile, his slightly narrowed eyes swept through the crowd. Upon seeing Gu Ruoyun follow Shopkeeper Zhao into a private box in the auction hall, he showed a sweet smile.

    "Chen-gege, wait for me! It wasn't easy for me to come here from Vermillion Bird Country! Why won't you talk to me?"

    Suddenly, a rebuking voice sounded from behind the man, making him wrinkle his good-looking brows unconsciously, His face carrying obvious impatience.

    "This isn't a place for you. Hurry back to Vermillion Bird Country and stop disturbing me."

    Zuo Shangchen glanced at the girl who was also dressed in pink behind him, his tone clearly expressing his unhappiness.

    "Chen-gege..." Susu reached her hand out, thinking of grabbing onto Zuo Shangchen's lapel. However, before she could even touch him, the other had already pushed her hand away with disgust; his voice was cold and held no warmth at all.

    "Susu, you know that I don't like people touching me."

    Susu was stunned. Her large crystal-like eyes held tears as she pitifully said: "Chen-gege, I heard that you were protecting a woman here in Azure Dragon Country and that she is just some early stage martial warrior trash. How is it that Susu is unable to compete with her? That woman can't match up to me, whether in family background or in power. I even came all the way to Azure Dragon Country for you, Chen-gege. Why won't Chen-gege look at Susu?"
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