Chapter 134: Gu Ruoyuns Trickery (3)

    Chapter 134: Gu Ruoyun's Trickery (3)

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    It was like a thunderbolt out of the blue. Everyone stared at Gu Ruoyun and Elder Yu in disbelief.

    No wonder Elder Yu had put his life on the line to save her whenever she had faced danger. So it was because they had that kind of relationship. This woman was so shameless, she had actually seduced a man who was even older than her own grandfather!

    This was a shame to Gu Tian and his wife!


    Elder Yu, who had always paid attention to his image, couldn't help but curse. Just as he was about to personally teach this old man a lesson, a slender hand reached out from the side and stopped his actions.

    Gu Ruoyun's gaze was extremely severe; it pierced through Old Man Gu's body like a sharp sword.

    Slowly, she spoke up, but that voice carried immense pressure.

    "On behalf of my brother, I didn't intend to eradicate all of you from the start. However, you have been forcing me all this time! From now on, the Gu family is on Hundred Herb Hall's blacklist. No matter what ailments and injuries the Gu family has, all doctors are not allowed to help them, or they'll be making an enemy out of Hundred Herb Hall! Didn't you just say that I'm borrowing Elder Yu's authority to intimidate others? Then I'll do it right now to show you!"

    Actually, it wasn't that Gu Ruoyun didn't want to completely eradicate the Gu family. It was because that would expose her strength. Furthermore, she had always preferred keeping things clean and killing to the last one. Second Master Gu still had a son somewhere out in the world. She was going to wait for him to come back before she completely got rid of them all!

    Letting them think that she was borrowing Elder Yu's authority to pretend that she was a big shot was better than letting them know that she was the real owner of Hundred Herb Hall...

    Elder Yu glanced at Old Man Gu in sympathy. This old fellow had offended Eldest Miss. It was easy to imagine how miserable his following days would be.


    A group of people stopped outside a manor.

    These people were wearing palace uniforms and jade pendants hung at their waists. It was clear to see where they had come from in one glance.

    "From the reports of our spies, the Ghost Doctor first appeared at Hundred Herb Hall's auction and then someone followed her all the way to this location. Only the Ghost Doctor can save His Highness now. We're going for diplomacy before force. If she's not willing to save him, then we'll use force."

    The expression of the middle-aged man acting as the leader turned serious. His fiercely shaped eyes looked severe as he waved his hand: "Let's go, we're entering here!"

    It was weird.

    Just as they stepped through the main entrance, they found that they were stuck at the same spot no matter how much they walked. It was as if they had entered a maze. If they didn't find the trick behind it soon, they would never be able to leave.

    "Leader, what should we do now?"

    Hearing this, the middle-aged man frowned: "If I'm not wrong, this should be a formation! Who would have thought that there would be a formation in Hundred Herb Hall's courtyard! I was too careless! If we can't find the Ghost Doctor, then we won't be able to cure His Highness. The foundation of the entire royal family will be shaken."

    It was at this moment that the sound of an army charging came to their ears. When they raised their heads to look, their expressions changed.

    Not far away, countless soldiers rushed towards them with their swords raised. Even though this was within a formation, the pain they felt was real...

    Outside the formation.

    Wei Yiyi sat to the side, eating some melon seeds and tasting some good wine. She watched that group of people standing on the spot and waving their swords wildly in high spirits. If anyone who wasn't in the know were watching right now, they would probably be frightened to death.

    It was simply too strange! There was clearly no one attacking them, but wound after wound would appear on their bodies without warning.

    "Did you think that trash like you would be able to walk out of Lord Zixie's formation? You even wanted to make me treat that crown prince of yours! Did you think I, the Ghost Doctor, would treat just anyone? I'll be the first to refuse to treat someone as narcissistic as him!"

    Especially since that crown prince had actually called her a servant girl...
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