Chapter 135: Gu Ruoyuns Trickery (4)

    Chapter 135: Gu Ruoyun's Trickery (4)

    Thinking of how the crown prince had called her a servant girl, Wei Yiyi was full of anger. She hated that she couldn't stab that bastard in the chest a few times.

    At this moment, within a guest house, Old Man Gu cowered as he watched the woman in front of him, whose expression had turned ugly, and said with a little fear: "Elder, this... This doesn't have anything to do with me. It's that horrible girl Gu Ruoyun, it's all her fault. She deceived me!"

    Elder Mei's expression was extremely cold. A frigid aura exuded from her body. Her hand landed heavily on the table; and with a smack, the table was split into two. Old Man Gu trembled in fright.

    Old Man Gu was scolding Second Master Gu in the depths of his heart. It was all that damned boy's fault. Otherwise, why would he have to bend and scrape before a woman for favour?

    "General Gu, your son promised me that you would be able to get a Beauty Rejuvenation Pill if you found the remains of Gu Tian and his wife. That pill is something that our Faction Master needs. In the end, is this how you handle your work for our Plum Faction? You couldn't even find two corpses?"

    Old Man Gu was really in a pinch, but he couldn't speak of his troubles. Back then, they couldn't find the corpses of Gu Tian and his wife. It had already been ten years, how would they be able to find the corpses now?

    "Elder Mei, please let me explain. From the start, Gu Ruoyun didn't plan to give me the pill. She was purposely tricking me by doing so! Our relations were strained by some incidents that happened before, so she purposely did this to create a misunderstanding between the Plum Faction and the Gu family. Our Gu family has always been treating the Plum Faction with utmost sincerity. We absolutely won't shirk our duties for you!"

    At this point, all the old man could do was push all the responsibility on Gu Ruoyun. He might even be able to borrow the Plum Faction's hand to get rid of that girl.

    However, at this moment, a woman from the Plum Faction walked in from outside the door. After bowing, she said: "Elder, Shopkeeper Zhao from Hundred Herb Hall requests an audience."

    "Let him in." Elder Mei frowned as she said.

    Someone from Hundred Herb Hall?

    The old man froze for a moment. Before he could react, Shopkeeper Zhao walked in from outside the room, dressed in hemp clothes.

    "Elder Mei, I have come here this time to present a gift for you on behalf of Miss Ruoyun." Shopkeeper Zhao didn't hesitate and got right to the point, "Although Old Man Gu purposefully used two corpses to impersonate Gu Tian and his wife, Miss Ruoyun had already asked for a Beauty Rejuvenation Pill from Elder Yu before the auction, intending to exchange it for her parents' remains. Alas..."

    Upon hearing that there was still one more Beauty Rejuvenation Pill, Elder Mei's eyes lit up and her breathing quickened.

    Shopkeeper Zhao sighed: "It was only out of longing for her parents that Miss Ruoyun used the pill as a condition. Since the Gu family has actually done such a despicable thing, this pill shouldn't have even been taken out."

    Speaking up to here, Shopkeeper Zhao could clearly see that Elder Mei's expression had turned tense. He smiled in his heart before continuing: "However, the mistake made by the Gu family shouldn't be borne by the Plum Faction. Thus, Miss Ruoyun has decided to use the price of the final bid of the second round of the auction to sell this pill to the Plum Faction."

    Actually, Gu Ruoyun had her reasons for doing so.

    She could easily refine a whole furnace full of Beauty Rejuvenation Pills. One pill was nothing to her. Thus, exchanging a single useless pill for 20 million gold coins and a strike at the Gu family was completely worth it!

    "Are you serious?" Elder Mei's wrinkled face was full of joy.

    For the Plum Faction, 20 million gold coins wasn't much. However, if they had joined the auction, they might not have been able to get a Beauty Rejuvenation Pill even if they had 20 million gold coins.
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