Chapter 149: The Mysterious Masked Man (1)

    Chapter 149: The Mysterious Masked Man (1)

    In a single moment, a multitude of thoughts began to cycle through Elder Lei's head.

    That's right, if Gu Ruoyun had nothing to do with that auction, then how could the Ghost Doctor possibly respect her as her shifu? Furthermore, it was the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill that had cured the wounds on the Ghost Doctor's face.

    Heavens, didn't that mean... this lady knew how to refine pills?

    Actually, it didn't matter if Gu Ruoyun had anything to do with the auction. Purely based on the fact that she was the Ghost Doctor's shifu, the Heavenly Thunder Faction was obligated to cultivate a good relationship with her!

    Just as Elder Lei was thinking up ways to get closer to Gu Ruoyun, an announcement rang out, interrupting everyone's thoughts.

    "Great General, the Heavenly Dragon Order, the Hundred Flower Palace, the Wind Hall, and various other powers have come to visit."

    Hearing the announcement, Old Man Gu abruptly regained his senses. Joy returned to his wrinkled features.

    Gu Ruoyun, he thought, so what if you have the Ghost Doctor and Elder Lei by your side? The Heavenly Thunder Faction is not the only power our Gu family has invited. When the time comes, you'll discover the strength of the many allies the Gu family can call upon!

    Thinking up to here, he said excitedly: "Xianglin, let's go receive our guests who have come from afar."

    While watching Old Man Gu and Gu Xianglin walk out of the hall, Elder Lei frowned. A glint of resolution flashed across his eyes: "Miss Ruoyun, Ghost Doctor, please rest assured. No matter what happens, the Heavenly Thunder Faction will stand by your side."

    That sentence revealed the side that Elder Lei would stand on.

    What a joke. So what if he had to face multiple powers as his enemies? The Ghost Doctor and Miss Ruoyun were not people he could offend! He would definitely regret it if he did so. Furthermore, if not for the Ghost Doctor's help, their Faction Master surely would have died. How could he be ungrateful?

    "Many thanks," Wei Yiyi smiled charmingly, "I, Wei Yiyi, will remember Elder Lei's kindness. However, I don't believe that Old Man Gu has the ability to get so many powers to take action for him. At most, he'll only humiliate us a little."

    Honestly speaking, Wei Yiyi had guessed it right. Old Man Gu absolutely didn't have the power to gather those orders and factions to stand at his side. All he could do was flaunt his supposed capabilities in front of Gu Ruoyun.

    Other than that, what abilities did he have?

    As they were speaking, Old Man Gu led in a group of people from outside the hall, carrying a pleased smile on his face.

    "That's right, General Gu, I have a question for you," The left protector of the Heavenly Dragon Order suddenly paused his steps and turned to look at the old man, "I heard that there's a lady called Gu Ruoyun in your Gu family. Is this true?"

    "Oh? The Heavenly Dragon Order is also looking for Gu Ruoyun?" This time, a beautiful woman had spoken up. She had a sweet smile on her face as she said, tone brimming with humor, "What a coincidence. Our Hundred Flower Palace is also looking for her."

    "Haha, today is the day for coincidences, it seems."

    The one who had spoken next was the Wind Hall's Second Young Master, Feng Lei. He laughed out loud twice and said: "My Wind Hall is also looking for the same person. General, where is Gu Ruoyun?"

    General Gu froze in shock. Why were all three of them looking for Gu Ruoyun the moment they arrived? Were they here for revenge because that woman had caused some trouble outside?

    "This..." Old Man Gu was put on the spot, "The person that you're looking for was indeed part of the Gu family, but I chased her out not too long ago. No matter what she has done outside, it has nothing to do with my Gu family. If you're looking to settle your grudges, she's right over there. Look for her yourselves."

    Although the three of them were stunned after hearing his words, they turned towards Gu Ruoyun, who was chatting with the Ghost Doctor. The second they saw her, they tossed the general's words to the back of their minds and quickly strode over.
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