Chapter 150: The Mysterious Masked Man (2)

    Chapter 150: The Mysterious Masked Man (2)

    Upon noticing the people who were walking towards her, Gu Ruoyun unconsciously frowned. A glint flashed across her clear eyes.

    "I believe this must be Miss Ruoyun."

    Feng Lei's handsome face carried a forthright smile: "I'm Feng Lei from the Wind Hall. I heard of Miss Ruoyun's great name from afar, so I came here specifically to pay a visit to Miss Ruoyun. I hope that Miss Ruoyun won't take offence."

    It wasn't just the people around her who were stunned. Even Gu Ruoyun herself was bewildered. As far as she could recall, she didn't have any interactions with the Wind Hall. Furthermore, the Wind Hall was extremely far away from Azure Dragon Country. If he said that he had heard of her, that was practically impossible!

    Gu Panpan had taken a liking to Feng Lei from the start. He was handsome and carried himself in an unrestrained manner. He was also the second young master of the Wind Hall. Not only was he good-looking, but he had great power. However, why was it that all the outstanding men were drawn to that little bitch, Gu Ruoyun?

    Thinking up to here, Gu Panpan clenched her fists as she looked at Gu Ruoyun's calm and pretty face.

    The charming woman from the Hundred Flower Palace chuckled twice before she said, "Young Master Feng Lei, you stole the first move. Miss Ruoyun, I have also heard of your great name, so I came to see for myself."

    While speaking, she cast a measuring gaze in Gu Ruoyun's direction.

    So this was the person that man had sent her to protect today? Tsk tsk, she wondered how this little girl had managed to involve herself with such a man, especially since he was the most likely successor to such a prominent organisation. Well, whatever the case may be, that man had left them a promise: if they managed to secure Gu Ruoyun's safety, he would give their Hundred Flower Palace a place in the list to enter that place and cultivate.

    Although it was just a single spot, it was something that many powers were fighting over. The reward was too enticing to resist.

    At this moment, Old Man Gu's expression changed again.

    He had thought that Gu Ruoyun had offended the people from these powers, and that they were consequentially here for revenge. However, he never could have imagined that Gu Ruoyun had not only mysteriously become the Ghost Doctor's shifu, but had somehow even forged connections with such powerful groups.

    These powers had strength on par with the Heavenly Thunder Faction!

    "Have you gotten it wrong? Gu Ruoyun is just a good-for-nothing. What kind of reputation could she possibly have for it to spread so far? She's just a slut who had to seduce an old man to keep herself alive!"

    Gu Panpan had gone completely crazy; she shouted without holding back her words.

    No matter what, she couldn't believe that the good-for-nothing she had bullied for more than ten years would somehow quietly reverse their positions without a word of warning!

    The great difference in their current situations was something she couldn't bear. It was as if she had originally been a millionaire while Gu Ruoyun had been her slave. However, one day, the slave had become the master and she had seemingly become the slave instead.

    How could she bear such a thing happening?


    Gu Xianglin's expression changed greatly. He hurriedly shouted at her to stop. The Gu family couldn't afford to offend any of these people. If she offended all of them in one go, even the Cool Breeze Faction wouldn't be able to protect her.

    With these thoughts swirling in his head, Gu Xianglin unconsciously looked towards Gu Ruoyun, a sinister light in his eyes.

    This woman had somehow used some scheme to become the Ghost Doctor's shifu. He had really underestimated her. As for the reactions from these few orders and factions, it was likely due to the Ghost Doctor.

    She didn't have any backers stronger than the Ghost Doctor.

    However, Gu Xianglin thought that he had a good understanding of his younger cousin, Gu Ruoyun. She couldn't possibly know any medical skills! Even if she had had some sort of lucky encounter before, she couldn't possibly have surpassed the Ghost Doctor in just a few years' time. The only possibility was that she had somehow talked her way into it.

    If he wanted to reverse the situation, he had to expose Gu Ruoyun's ploy.
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