Chapter 151: The Mysterious Masked Man (3)

    Chapter 151: The Mysterious Masked Man (3)

    Light flashed in Gu Xianglin's eyes before he turned to look at Gu Ruyoun. With a calm aura, he said: "Little Sister, we've known each other for so many years, but I never realised that you studied medicine. If the words you used to convince the Ghost Doctor to be your disciple were empty, you'll suffer the consequences when the truth is found out sooner or later."

    While saying so, the man put on a worried expression and shook his head. He acted just like a good older brother should, showing concern for his little sister.

    Unfortunately, how many of the attendees didn't know of the disputes between Gu Ruoyun and the Gu family? Gu Xianglin couldn't wait for her to die; how could he possibly be concerned about whether she would suffer the consequences or not?

    "The Ghost Doctor's shifu?" Feng Lei was stunned for a moment. He looked at Gu Ruoyun with some surprise, and then he burst out into sudden laughter. "Haha, so Miss Ruoyun was also the Ghost Doctor's shifu. To have such skill in medicine, and at such a young age, too! You've really humbled us."

    At first, they had been intent on helping Gu Ruoyun due to that man's request. However, now they were genuinely keen on forging good relations with her. There was no telling when one's life would be in danger. When the time comes, this relationship would likely become their lifesaver.

    Feng Lei probably did not have expect it, but many years later, it was because of his decision today, that he would survive a critical period of danger in the Wind Hall.

    "Oh, right," Feng Lei seemed to have thought of something as he turned to look at Old Man Gu, whose face was turning pale, "I remember that you said you chased Miss Ruoyun out of your family. Is that true?"

    "This... this..." The old man's voice started to tremble, "Young Master Feng Lei, there's a misunderstanding here. Please listen to my explanation."


    Feng Lei harrumphed, "A misunderstanding? You said it yourself. How could there be a misunderstanding? From what I saw, your Gu family wasn't very warm in welcoming me today. Since that's the case, I'll take my leave now!"

    When he finished speaking, his gaze landed once again on Gu Ruoyun: "Miss Ruoyun, if anyone here bullies you, you can tell me. I have to take my leave now, but I'll come to Hundred Herb Hall tomorrow to personally pay you a visit. However, with the Ghost Doctor as your disciple, I guess that no one would be so silly as to offend you, haha!"

    What kind of personage was the Ghost Doctor? She had saved many experts in the past. With just a single order from her, those people would come rushing to her aid even from miles away.

    "Wait a moment."

    Seeing that Feng Lei was just about to turn and leave, Gu Ruoyun abruptly stood up and halted his steps.

    She was smiling; with clear pupils and laughter dancing on the corners of her lips, it made everyone curious about what she was going to say.

    When everyone's gaze was focused on her pretty face, she leisurely began to speak. "Since all these various orders and sects have gathered here today, I'm going to announce something on behalf of Hundred Herb Hall."

    The girl paused for a moment before she said: "I wonder if you still remember the auction three years ago?"

    The auction three years ago had shocked everyone in the world. It was impossible for them not to know of it.

    The gathered guests were all wondering why Gu Ruoyun had brought up that auction.

    Thinking up to here, everyone whispered to each other, eyes full of suspicion.

    Under the puzzled gazes of the crowd, Gu Ruoyun slowly continued.

    "Some time ago, quite fortunately, our Hundred Herb Hall managed to find some pills. This time, we won't be holding an auction; we'll be selling them in-store. They'll be sold at fixed prices! However, because we have a very limited number of them, only a few people will be able to buy them. If you like, come to Hundred Herb Hall in three days, be ready to buy pills!"


    The news hit like a bolt of lightning completely out of the blue. Everyone present, thunderstruck, froze on the spot.

    What did she just say? Hundred Herb Hall was going to sell Beauty Rejuvenation Pills? Was there something wrong with their ears? There were still some Beauty Rejuvenation Pills available?
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