Chapter 161: Gu Ruoyuns Ploy (2)

    Chapter 161: Gu Ruoyun's Ploy (2)

    "The Cool Breeze Faction is really despicable. They actually said that to frighten a young lady and even threatened her! Tsk tsk, it looks like the shamelessness of the Gu family is inherited from their genes."

    Seeing such a scene, everyone shook their heads. They clearly thought the Cool Breeze Faction's actions weren't right.

    Only Shopkeeper Zhao looked at Gu Xianglin in sympathy.

    He understood his master's personality clearly. When had she ever given in to persuasion? By giving in now, it only proved that someone was about to get suckered into her ploy.

    "Then after I give you the pill formulas, you won't come looking for trouble anymore, right?" Gu Ruoyun looked timidly at Gu Xianglin and spoke weakly.

    There was no trace of the mighty aura she had had at the banquet.

    However, Gu Xianglin wasn't suspicious in the least. After all, she had Elder Lei and the others backing her at the banquet, so she could take on a tough attitude. Speaking of which, this girl was likely someone who only bullied the weak and feared the strong. Furthermore, his words must have frightened her thoroughly.

    No matter what, Gu Ruoyun was only a young lady. She had never experienced any hardships. Upon hearing that many experts would come looking for her, how could she not be afraid?

    "Ruoyun, rest assured. I can swear to you that I can guarantee your safety after you give me the pill formulas." The corner of Gu Xianglin's lips lifted a little. If he gave the pill formulas to his adopted father, then his successor's seat was guaranteed.

    Gu Ruoyun frowned and stayed silent for a while. It seemed like she couldn't bear to let go of the formulas, but she finally sighed and took them out from her lapels.

    Upon seeing her actions, Shopkeeper Zhao froze for a moment. He knew that Eldest Miss had a mysterious interdimensional storage space. Usually, she would take items out from that space. However, she was taking the formulas out from her lapels today, as if... as if she had already been prepared to do so?

    Perhaps she had already guessed that Gu Xianglin would do this?

    Thinking of that, Shopkeeper Zhao's gaze was filled with pity. Gu Xianglin would probably never find out that he had already leapt into the trap that Eldest Miss had dug for him...

    "These are the pill formulas," Gu Ruoyun looked extremely unwilling, but she still gritted her teeth and handed the formulas over to Gu Xianglin, "Remember your words. After I give the formulas to you, the Cool Breeze Faction isn't allowed to make trouble for me. I'm not very brave and I can't withstand any frights."

    Gu Xianglin's gaze landed on the pill formulas before him. His breathing quickened and he reached out his hand in excitement. Upon gripping the formulas, the smell of ancient paper hit him in the face, causing ripples in his heart.

    He had the impulse to burst out into laughter.

    "Pill formulas. I've finally gotten pill formulas. The pill formulas that everyone longs to find are in my hands right now, hahaha!"

    He was so absorbed in his emotions that he didn't notice the lifted corner of Gu Ruoyun's lips.

    Otherwise, he probably would've rethought everything he had done...

    "Ruoyun, you've done the right thing today! You'll never regret it for the rest of your life! Let's go!"

    He had to quickly report this news to his adopted father. He would surely be very happy...

    In the instant after the Cool Breeze Faction left Hundred Herb Hall, the entire hall quieted down. After a long while, someone spoke up from the crowd in a confused tone.

    "Miss Ruoyun, did you give him the pill formulas just like that? Then our pills..."

    "I didn't have a choice," Gu Ruoyun sighed with helplessness written all over her face, "The Cool Breeze Faction is too strong. Our Hundred Herb Hall isn't a match for them in our current state. Furthermore, I'm just a nobody, how can I fight with the Cool Breeze Faction? I had no other choice. However, everyone, you can rest assured. Hundred Herb Hall will continue selling pills. You can use the place on the list you've gotten just now to buy pills."
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